Does NopCommerce supports Subdirectory in URL?

1 year ago
Hi everybody!

We have a website and we want to localize it for every location (city).
So we want to solve it by subdirectory way, not subdomain.

We need to configurate like this:

Also, our website is multilanguage one, so, actually URL addresses should look like,for example

The question is is this kind of configuration supported from standart NopCommerce CMS.
Or we will need to make some customization to its original source code?
Or could it be solved by any plugin?
1 year ago
Well it does support separate URL for language like you want. As for city, that isn't a field, but you can set up a separate store for each city and then it will be what you want..
1 year ago
Enable  SEO friendly URLs with multiple languages enabled general setting and check.