Downloadable Products

10 months ago
I'm building a store to sell prepaid and postpaid cards for voice plans or internet.
so, the products will not be shipped, it will be virtual.
so the products must be downloadable products? if yes, I can't get the mean of URL/upload a file
can anyone explained more about it please?
10 months ago
When you setup a product you can upload a file to attach to the product. When a customer purchases the product they are sent an email with a link / or they can see the link on their account. They can then click on the link and download the file. There are a number of options when setting up the download.
A typical example or an electronic download is an pdf of a book or a song mpg, etc

If what you want to send is a customised file meaning each customer gets a different version of the file based on the options they select then I think you would need to customise the solution to automatically generate the file as a pdf or something else then automatically provide the link that the customer can download
7 months ago
Hello: I had put a few of my products in version 4.20 as downloadable with the option "when order is paid" so that the customer can only get it once it is paid. I have tested it with my own username and by purchasing a product with the option to pay at store. I have created a .zip file with the products that I wanted to include. That works well.

But in my orders and dasboard, the order is marked as pending for payment, which is OK. But in my account, I was still able to click on the downloadable file even though I had not yet paid for the order.

Is there something I am missing about this option?

Thanks for your reply, as usual.

Manon :)
5 months ago
I'm running 4.10 and I have this issue.

Can someone please help?

5 months ago
I just checked it in V4.1 and V4.2 and it worked correctly.

Do you have any customisations or plugins installed ?