Need a payment plugin for NMI

8 months ago
I need a plugin for NMI.

I need to do vaulting of customer information.

As a stop gap measure, NMI has a connection that is supposed to emulate

I need a plugin for that while the more detailed vaulting plugin is developed.
8 months ago
Hello Artdtc,

We have an expertise for same. Kindly check your PM for same.

8 months ago

I can assist. PM Sent.

6 months ago
6 months ago
nopdaddy wrote:

Hi Nopdady:
Are you planning to upgrade the NMI plugin for version 4.2? If so, when do you estimate that you will have it ready?
Thanks in advance for your reply
6 months ago
Thank you to those who contacted me in regards to developing a payment plugin.

I have found a solution.