4.2 OnePage Checkout error

8 months ago
Moving the topic to right place from beta

After billing , it looping to cart page back.
debug error message from chrome

Mixed Content the page at 'https://www.nop.com/onepagecheckout' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested jquery.3.3.1min.js an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint
'http://www.nop.com/checkout/OpcsaveBilling'. The request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS
8 months ago

Verify once this setting at general setting.

It should be true.if false than set it true and restart your store.

Force SSL for all site pages
8 months ago
Yes. it is already true; but OPCbilling page does use SSL / https;
I have used my ssl server setting from flexibile to Force HTTPS. its all good now