What happen if I have SSL Cert but I do not enable SSL

7 months ago
Everytime I install SSL Cert then enabled SSL. It run a month.

About one month later it crash and I can't fix it.

So I want anybody advise me , how about I install SSL Cert. but not enable SSL on nopCommerce.
7 months ago
Could you provide more details on what you mean by it crashes?

Are you using a free ssl certificate provider?

Sounds like possibly your certificate is getting expired and needs to be renewed. If your certificate is only valid for a month make sure to renew your certificate before the current one expires. Some providers allow this to be automated.

I wouldn't recommend you put the setting off even if you have a certificate installed, customers may still be able to access you store through insecure methods.
7 months ago
I host in Smarterasp.net and my cert is SSL-M

Comodo SSL Certificate - Multiple Domains(3 domains included)

My Cert is not free and this is real for one year, but one IP for 3 domain.

I don't know why every time I check SSL enabled on the store config.

About a mouth later, my domain can't access again.

Now I re-install it with nop 4.2and assign SSL Cert to my domain, (but not check the enabled SSL) on store config.

I hope it can stable to run.
7 months ago
May be I know what happen now.

The real problem is my web hosting which is windows.

When I set SSL enabled in store config. It will easy to crash error 403.

Then I can't use the same web directory to re-install nopCommerce event other asp.net app.

I need my host provider to fix the 403 error on thier server by recreate IIS.

I hope it will be better if I host it on linux server.
7 months ago
Hi Johnthis,

403 forbidden can be an NTFS permissions issue on the underlying file system. Usually, the user account under which the IIS App Pool (for your particular website) is running, does not have modify permissions on the NopCommerce folder. problem may occur when adding/removing plugins, as nopcommerce app will try to modify installedplugins.json and not have NTFS permissions to modify the file.

Hopefully your hosting provider can assist in this area, or you are able to view/edit permissions in hosting control panel

7 months ago
My nopCommerce 4.2 work before and I have set all permission for all.

But few days later , it crash. Then I try install other kind web app eg. blogEngine and other.

It have same error. So I ask my host provider about this web directory is dead or not.

Then they reply me yes, this web directory is and it can't install web app.

So they re-create IIS for me to solve this problem.