Assembly dependencies missing when publishing Nop 4.20

4 months ago
Hello all:

I have upgraded my site to Nop 4.20 (from 3.80) and have all the files extracted properly and published on my hosting server (Smarterasp). Please note that I am using the no-source package.

However, I am getting the following message:
An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (Nop.Web.deps.json) was not found:
package: '', version: '2.2.3'
path: 'runtimes/win-x64/lib/netcoreapp2.2/Microsoft.CSharp.dll'

As a result, my website is currently not running.

Can someone assist? I have also sent the same feedback to my hosting provider, in case the issue is at their end but am desperately wanting to fix the issue asap.

Thanks all!
4 months ago
Issue being resolved with hosting provider. Thanks!