product with different prices and attributes

5 months ago

I have a product, which has different sizes (x, xx, xxx) for each size has a different value, I need that when the customer selects the size or measure of the product I immediately show him the corresponding value, since currently it does not matter the size that choose, always handle the same value. I already added the attributes to the product but I don't see where I can put the value and that it changes when the customer selects a size, thanks for your help.

I have the nopcommerce version 4.1
5 months ago
What did you mean by product size value?
5 months ago
Hi, maybe with an example you can understand me.

I have a shirt with several measures, (s, l, m) and for each measure it has a different price, that is the shirt of size (s) is worth 2 dollars, while the shirt of size (l) is worth 4 dollars, as I set these values ​​to the same product but they vary according to size?
5 months ago
In nopCommerce, you can add product attribute wise extra charge.

For example,
Product's main price is $2. For size Small Price adjustment is 0, and for size Large Price adjustment is 2.
At this time, when customer select Large, price will be shown $4 and $2 for Small instantly.
5 months ago
That is exactly what I want to happen, but you are not making the corresponding adjustment, always for all products continue to handle the same price