Captcha on version 4.2

3 months ago
On contact us I get a picture popping up where it says "select all squares with......" is this a bit annoying for customers I think just clicking the box "I'm not a robot" is sufficient, what do you think, how do i stop the extra pictures popping up?
3 months ago
Andy007 wrote:
how do i stop the extra pictures popping up?

Not much you can, as reCaptcha is manage by Google. I guess, you may just set up "Easiest for users" at "Security Preference" at settings of Google Console.

3 months ago
I have 3 websites, they all have the same settings in the google console setup, they other sites are old .asp handmade, the one I'm trying now is nopcommerce, wonder why it's only on the new nopcommerce if they are all setup the same?
1 month ago
tried to change settings in it was on easiest for users, still asks for pictures, click all traffic lights etc, far to much for customers to do