PayPal Smart Payment Buttons (foxnetsoft)

PayPal Smart Payment Buttons (foxnetsoft)
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Payment plugin for PayPal Smart Payment Buttons.
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Unterstützte Versionen: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
Erstellt: April 23,2019
Zuletzt aktualisiert: April 29,2024

PayPal Smart Payment Buttons

Payment plugin for Smart Payment Buttons (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


PayPal Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience. PayPal intelligently presents the most relevant payment types to your shoppers, automatically, making it easier for them to complete their purchase using methods like Pay with Venmo, PayPal Credit, Credit Card payments, and other payment types.

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This plugin uses the new Rest API v2. If you use our plugin PayPal Express Checkout you need to disabled it. This plugin uses Rest API v1.
- use REST API v2
- support Authorize, Capture, Refund and Void methods
- don't support Recurring Payments (PayPal doesn't support it for Smart Payment Buttons)
- support multi-currency
- customize the PayPal Buttons
- support PayPal credit promotional messages

We have another PayPal payment plugins 'PayPal Standard Pro', 'PayPal Express Checkout' and 'PayPal Plus'.
Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation. You can do 100 payments in unregistered mode. You can try it free.


  • Support Authorize, Capture, Refund and Void methods
  • Support multi-currency
  • Support new Rest API v2
  • Create nop orders only after approving payments


Supported nopCommerce 4.70, 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial (not registered version has only one limitation – You can do 100 payments in unregistered mode

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

We did more than 95 plugins for nopcommerce during last three years. Check out portfolio.

RichP714 30.04.2023 14:28
Fantastic support
I was having difficulty with configuration (showing/hiding various payment methods).

Foxnetsoft worked with me through the weekend  (modifying the plug in for me) until I was having consistent results.
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groundzero2010 21.05.2021 08:24
FoxNet support has been great
They've gone above in beyond in most cases where I've had issues or questions with their plugins. I've found they make some very useful plugins and even suggested one they didn't have and found a few weeks later it was created. A+
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bmilanov 18.09.2020 05:08
Testing with your own credit cards
I had a bit of a challenge initially the plug-in didn't work and it didn't tell me why. I think the Paypal error messages are the reason why it is confusing. I just got a message - Something went wrong. So I called Paypal and asked about it and they suggested I might be using my own card. And Once I used a card which was not registered on my paypal processing account then it worked.  so be aware if the card you are testing with is registered with paypal it won't work.
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One important information!
If you enable the HTML minification you can broke JS code from PayPal.
Remember it.
Minification removed the https from the JS library, if you use store without https you can have issues with JS library.
Srki 27.07.2020 03:12
Excelent support
Plugin works as expected.
We had issues regarding setting up sync between Paypal and NOP - for each mail I sent to support I got a response in next 15 minutes.
Support expertise and response times were excellent and the problem was resolved shortly.
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tarekmahran 08.04.2020 17:16
Five Start Support
Really FoxNetSoft is the best Nopcommerce vendor for us. he support us in integrating our store with PayPal using this brilliant plugin. even during the trial version, it did its best to support us in a lot of issues in PAYPAL side. I would like to thank and recommend FoxNetSOft for all of you.
in Quality 5 stars
in Price against Quilty 5 starts
in Response Time 5 starts
in Support 5 starts
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JacquieK 04.09.2019 05:28
Great Products and Great Support
PayPal Smart Payment Buttons is an awesome option for PayPal payments since it is fully integrated into the checkout process and payment is made before the order is completed! I also love that my customers can use PayPal Credit or Venmo, too.  The plugin was easy and quick to install and when I ran into a problem later on going from the trial to the registered version, support was very responsive and helpful to get the issue resolved - and the plugin itself wasn't the problem. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more plugins from them!
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rcdumlao 27.05.2019 12:00
Multi-Currency Support!
The multi-currency support was just what we needed for our global site.  This plugin seemed to produce the best customer experience compared to other plugins.  We ran into some minor integration / styling issues but those were fixed promptly.
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