BC Diesel’s Journey to Excellence: Upgrading to nopCommerce 4.60

BC Diesel’s Journey to Excellence: Upgrading to nopCommerce 4.60
Statistics #1
Remarkable surge in website sales
Statistics #2
Enhanced search engine performance
Statistics #3
Significant boost in user engagement


In this case study, we delve into the digital transformation of BC Diesel, a leading provider of diesel engine repairs and performance parts in Surrey, Canada. Celebrating over a decade of service excellence, BC Diesel has carved a niche in servicing Ford, Dodge, and GM light-duty diesel trucks.

The project aimed to elevate their online platform, mirroring the company’s commitment to innovation and customer service. This new website not only streamlined the user experience but also showcased their extensive product range, aligning with the evolving needs of their diverse customer base. This introduction sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of the strategies and outcomes of BC Diesel’s website upgrade.

Objectives and challenges

The BC Diesel website project was an ambitious endeavor aimed at transforming their online platform. The objectives were to create a more engaging, user-friendly website design, upgrade to the latest nopCommerce version for enhanced performance, and improve search functionalities.

Additionally, integrating SOS inventory with QuickBooks was planned to streamline accounting processes. However, the project faced significant challenges, including upgrading the platform without compromising data integrity, developing custom functionalities to meet specific operational needs, and enhancing the overall user experience to cater to a diverse customer base. Addressing these challenges was crucial to achieving the project’s goals and ensuring a successful digital transformation for BC Diesel.


The solution for the BC Diesel Truck Repair & Performance case study involved several key technological enhancements to improve their online services. This included the development of advanced plugins for efficient product searching and discount calculations, custom theme design for a better user interface, integration of Google Pay for streamlined transactions, and the synchronization of inventory with QuickBooks for improved accounting.

Additionally, a specialized plugin was created for detailed filtering and accurate product matching, catering to diverse vehicle specifications. These solutions collectively enhanced the user experience and operational efficiency.

The key solutions implemented include:

  1. Developing the Manticore plugin for rapid product searching.
  2. Custom theme design tailored to client requirements.
  3. Creation of a plugin to adjust discount calculations on product attributes.
  4. Development of a Google Pay plugin for smoother transactions.
  5. Integration of SOS inventory with QuickBooks for efficient accounting.
  6. Implemented a custom plugin for granular filtering and accurate product matching, considering various vehicle specifications. This plugin offers the following key features:
    • Data Management Administrators can add and manage year values, vehicle makes, models, chassis, and model values. This ensures comprehensive coverage of various vehicle specifications which include creating and managing combinations of vehicle specifications and mapping those vehicle specifications with one or many products on the product level. Similarly, administrators can add one or many vehicle specifications to a product.
    • Enhanced Search Customers can search for products using a combination of year, vehicle make, model, chassis, and model values. This refined search capability directs customers to the most relevant parts, significantly improving their shopping experience which uses Manticore search as the base search engine algorithm.
  7. Automated data migration using nopCommerce migration scripts and custom migration scripts for mapping complex data minimizing website downtime to almost none while going live.

These solutions collectively improved the user experience, particularly in product search and transaction processing, reflecting the company's commitment to customer service and technological advancement.


The results of the BC Diesel website project were significant:

  1. Enhanced search functionality The implementation of Manticore Search improved the accuracy and speed of product searches.
  2. Improved user experience The website redesign and performance optimizations led to a more user-friendly and efficient online experience.
  3. Increased sales and customer engagement These improvements contributed to an increase in sales and more active customer engagement with the website.

>he revamped BC Diesel store boasts rapid product loading times, a user-friendly interface, and enhanced functionality. We provided the best solution to search products with multi-level combination value search filters that make it easier to find any specific needed product as per customer. Our solutions have resulted in a more intuitive and efficient eСommerce experience for both customers and store administrators.


The BC Diesel website project shows how targeted digital solutions can revolutionize a business online presence. By addressing key challenges with innovative solutions, such as the nopCommerce upgrade and Manticore Search integration, BC Diesel significantly improved its website’s performance and user experience.

These enhancements led to tangible results, including increased sales and customer engagement, highlighting the project’s success. This case study serves as a testament to the impact of strategic web development in enhancing business operations and customer satisfaction in the digital age.

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