5 foolproof schemes to increase conversion on your nopCommerce store

5 foolproof schemes to increase conversion on your nopCommerce store

Your nopCommerce website is one among thousands. According to Builtwith.com, the nopCommerce installation package was downloaded for more than 1.7 million times and apart from these, there are many more eCommerce businesses flourishing day and night.

The remarkable growth of eCommerce businesses has resulted in a power shift from Marketers to Consumers i.e. online buyers. The same old strategies that did wonders are of no use now. Consumers have learned to deliberately ignore marketing/ advertising content and choose what to buy, where to buy from, what to read, what to download and what to avoid.

When conventional strategies do not apply, you need to scratch your heads and figure out how to attract them smartly. We figured out few techniques that will be helpful for you in the long run.

1. Invest more time and efforts in Design and Development Phase

The first and most important stage will seal your fate. Appropriate appearance, functions, and features are the things that attract users and make them stay on your nopCommerce store.

Choose relevant Features, Themes, and Layouts.

nopCommerce themes and layouts come handy when, you are creating a nopCommerce store but if available ones do not meet your needs, you can always customize or create a new one.

Choosing theme and layout is a thoughtful process since many aspects are taken into consideration such as which Layout and Theme will attract your target audience, which ones are easy to navigate the website, what are the primary features your website must have etc.

For instance, while creating a store that sells medicines, you may not focus on one of the prime functions that are good quality photos which are very important for majority products. But, add features that could gain the audience’s trust such as Live Chat features, Detailed Contact Details, Reviews, and Rates. On the other hand, for an automobile store, you will need strong, good quality photos with a 360-degree view, videos, different dimensions, and colors as well.

Implementing responsive design will help you give a unique layout that will make the website function well irrespective of the devices and sizes of the screens.

2. Play with Human Psyche

Understanding human psyche and leveraging subconscious patterns that affect decision making will help you get a higher sale.

  • Changing font type and size - MAKE THEM EASILY READABLE
  • Using language that is easy to understand - AVOID JARGONS
  • Changing the color of ‘Buy Button’ into GREEN - AVOID RED
  • More filter options - CATEGORICAL DIVISIONS
  • Detailed yet precise product description
  • Good quality photos, include videos if possible
  • User-qenerated content/videos - GAIN TRUST- Advertising indirectly

3. Expanding your reach through social media

People are more likely to believe on ‘Word of Mouth’ than product description and photos provided by the sellers. They do not take risks especially if the product is expensive, childcare- healthcare or safety related items.

In times like these, creating social media presence and encouraging users to share views will be a plus to attract new customers. This will build a brand image and brand awareness on Global Platform.

When in dilemma, the first thing a customer goes to is reviews, comments and feedback section. At these times, positive feedback, reviews, case studies, testimonials, featured articles in trustworthy publications will gain the trust of your consumers and lead them towards making purchases.

4. Using nopCommerce Features and Templates

After considering all the requirements your business demands, you can use required features for your business that are offered by nopCommerce.

When the appearance of your website attracts your users, appropriate features make them stay on your website. Attractive layouts will lead them to explore your store, but relevant and unique features will influence them in making purchases.

Other than above mentioned, few additional features that affect your conversion rate directly and immediately are:

  • Enabling multiple language options
  • Giving choices in payment Gateways
  • Newsletters
  • Easier checkout options
  • Shipping details
  • Multi-currency support

Many plugins are made available by nopCommerce from which you can choose one with suitable layouts and functions according to the needs of your business.

5. Use of Analytics to understand user behavior and implement strategic plans

For eCommerce businesses, everything depends on metrics. Thus, after implementing all the marketing strategies, it is necessary to know how good is your website performing find out strengths and figure out grey areas.

Using Web Analytics Tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mix Panel will answer many of your questions and help you come up with more effective strategies and provide you with important details as following.

  • Where do customers come from? (Platform)
  • Where are they from? (Geographical area)
  • How long did they stay on your site? on which pages?
  • How often they visit?
  • Who is visiting?
  • How many abandon their carts before purchasing?
  • How long they go in the process of buying before purchasing their carts?

Even after remarkable growth, eCommerce is still growing that also at a much faster pace. There are many ways to improve your conversion at any stage, but no shortcut nor master plan exists. Only effort persistence, experiments in the right direction will boost conversion of your website.


Author Bio:

Bhoomi Mehta is a techno-commercial leader with 20+ years of cross-functional expertise across Consulting, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Application Portfolio, Web Content Management, Product Engineering & Lifecycle Services at Cygnet Infotech.

Having worn several hats over the years including Consulting, Mentoring, Training, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Sales, Bhoomi actively shares insights on latest and important issues related to nopCommerce and leading technology platforms.

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