Easy inventory management for nopCommerce store with MS Dynamics NAVConnector

Easy inventory management for nopCommerce store with MS Dynamics NAVConnector

You have the online store and offline stores and you have your inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Inventory management can be a real problem in these circumstances. Or you can just transfer the data from the ERP system to nopCommerce store automatically with the help of NAVConnector.

Ritwik Das from Citytech Software explained how the NAVConnector works and how long it will take to implement it at nopCommerce Days 2019. Read below to find the main highlights of his speech.

Ritwik Das

Ritwik Das

Business Development Officer at Citytech Software

The pain points of store owners

#1 Inventory management

You have to update and maintain inventory data, order, payment, shipping information, and a lot more, manually!

#2 Repetitive workflows

You have to update the same product information to nopCommerce store every time you add new product information to the ERP system.

#3 Dual store entity management

It is really difficult to manage inventory on online and offline stores simultaneously. You worry about entering huge number of customer data from nopCommerce store to NAV and update the shipping status from the ERP system to nopCommerce store.

To reduce these pain points, Citytech has developed MS Dynamics NAVConnector middleware.

What is MS Dynamics NAVConnector?

MS Dynamics NAVConnector is like a connection bridge to provide an automated integration between nopCommerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It will work as a web service layer between these two applications.

By adding this tool to the nopCommerce store, the store owners can safely and securely exchange data in real-time between this middleware and the store. To be precise, data transfer from nopCommerce store to ERP system and vice versa will be automated.

This MS Dynamics NAVConnector tool will manage all store data in a single place. By using this connector, stores can reduce product information discrepancies, automate syncing of customer information, manage inventory data and sales across multiple channels, and get up-to-the-minute status of order details.


Highlights of benefits:

  • Automate order and customer information
  • Manage updated product information
  • Accurate inventory levels
  • Up-to-the-minute order and order status
  • Payment information
  • Streamline store workflow

Are there any more reasons to use the MS Dynamics NAVConnector?

Entering eCommerce, you will need a PIM (Product Information Management) tool like NAVConnector to streamline and simplify the product management and marketing strategy. Here are two more benefits that can be leveraged from NAVConnector:

  1. Managing and curating product information efficiently
  2. Configuring and feeding product information from data repository to website/mobile platform

MS Dynamics NAVConnector enables storeowners to create, organize and optimize product data from one central source. That means you can manage and curate product information more efficiently.

By integrating the NAVConnector, store admins will be able to use, configure and feed product data. That will result in personalized engagement and more store traffic.

Some Key screens of NAV connector (PIM tool)

Dashboard of NAV Connector

Dashboard of NAV Connector

NAV Connector configuration

NAV Connector configuration

Connection with MS NAV

Connection with MS NAV

How much time to implement?

It will take 2 - 3 hours to implement this NAV Connector with your store. It will start work with your default NAV installation. However, if you have customized NAV, there will be the need to customize NAV Connector according to that, and that will take time.

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