Caremarket: New site design & UX result in higher conversion rates

Caremarket: New site design & UX result in higher conversion rates
Statistics #1
50.000 products migrated
Statistics #2
5000 unique visitors per day
Statistics #3
50% longer time on site

Challenge is one of the biggest online supermarkets in Greece with tens of thousands of products and customers. They needed a brand-new design that would reflect brand’s vision and also would be mobile first with the emphasis on UX. Data migration and ERP Integration were vital as well. Caremarket needed a checkout process with as few clicks as possible and personalized parts of the website based on users’ preferences.


Design & UX

NopServices hand-crafted a brand-new design that takes the needs and goals of the client and built an optimal structure, flow, and user experience that make sure that browsing through the e-shop is easy and a higher conversion is achieved. A custom menu that includes categories/subcategories, menu icons and clickable images in the submenu was designed and implemented. The final template responds to the users’ behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

NopServices utilized industry-standard and proven markup to help boost the e-shop's exposure to search engines helping its page rankings.

Data Migration

Data migration was necessary since Caremarket was previously built on another platform. NopServices used SSIS to connect to the MySQL database and migrate the data.

Another challenge was to keep the SEO ranking for all the pages of the e-shop. To solve the issues, NopServices devised a SEO-Keeping mechanism.

ERP Integration

Caremarket required an integration between its ERP system and the nopCommerce store. The synchronization of the data was implemented through web services. The main tasks were:

  • Integrating the customer addresses and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the products data and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the categories data and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the brand’s data and information from ERP system
  • Passing new customers to ERP system from the e-shop
  • Passing orders to ERP system from the e-shop
  • Creating all the various checks and scheduling tasks

Personalisation Features

On the homepage, a “Personalisation” section was also implemented. Each customer sees different products in this section based on product discounts/product offers, products he/she has purchased in the past or has viewed recently. All these products appear with a ranking.

Shopping list

Shopping lists is another functionality that was implemented. Customers can add and remove products from their shopping lists. They can create, edit, delete shopping lists. They can purchase all the products on their shopping list by transferring all the shopping list products to the cart.

Custom Filters and Custom Sorting Options

On all brand and category pages custom filters (with Ajax functionality) were implemented. The filters are extremely easy to apply and remove.

NopServices has also added custom sorting options. Customers can sort for products that have the biggest discount and products that are bestsellers.

Site search

NopServices has implemented a custom Elastic Search nopCommerce plugin that uses Elastic Search as the underlying search engine. As a result, better searches results led to an increase of purchases. Search results appear in order of relevance (ranking). Users get results even if they misspell the search term, all letter cases (capital, small) are ignored.


Along the project 4 plugins were developed, 50.000 products/SKUs migrated.

As a result of the improved design, bounce rate has dropped while conversion rates and sales increased. The store has now 5000 unique visitors per day, 30 - 40 new customers daily, and 50% longer time on site.

NopServices is a company which specializes in design and implementation of elegant and functional e-shops.We have been using nopCommerce since 2009 and have since built many e-shops. We are specialising in NopCommerce Design and Custom module/plugin development.