Centralcrafts: becoming highly popular with a brand-new site

Centralcrafts: becoming highly popular with a brand-new site

Centralcrafts is a lavish and a trend-setting company that has set a benchmark in the industry with its unique products. From designing photo albums to journals they made exotic products that have changed the customer’s experience. Having worked with quality craftsman they have created various new designs from classical to contemporary, country to urban, modern to conservative; there is something for everyone.


The company already had an online presence but was running on older version of ASP, besides the site was not mobile responsive while a majority of the customers were browsing their site using mobile devices.


The company approached TechnoScore who proposed to build the online store on the nopCommerce platform. A customer engaging store was developed.

  • The store offers multiple product images in order to attract viewers attention and hold their interest, pushing them to buy a product if they land on the page.
  • The site now has an option of multi-currency, i.e. prices of the products are available in various currencies (USD, GBP, EUR). A user can change the currency at any point as per his need.
  • Another added feature is Trade Login. With this feature, buyers would be charged as per their requirements: different rates can be applied for bulk and ordinary buyers.
  • A home page of the store has an organized gallery with product images and a brief description of its content, clicking on which a visitor would be able to view every type of products offered.
  • TechnoScore added a feature on the site wherein users’ reviews, which they leave on FEEFO (a site that collects customers’ review) get displayed on the clients’ site.
  • Upon opening any product, a user is presented with different views of it. It is possible to look at the product from various angles and select the best item.
  • The site became fully responsive and can be run on any device.
  • The product listing pages have advanced filters making the search easier.
  • Discount code and gift card options were added.



TechnoScore presented a highly featured site that blended with the clients brand image. As a result, the site not only attracts organic traffic but also became highly popular.

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