Shipping rate computation provider for DHL
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Supported versions: 4.10
Created: November 27,2019
Last updated: March 31,2020

DHL is a worlwide shipping service. Most of the international shipment now a days happens with DHL. They have specific step by step process. This plugin enables to integrate DHL shipping service.


  1. DHL shipping options: On checkout page shipping method step, this plugin fetch shipping options according to weight, address like country, state, city, zip and also height and length for specific merchant account.
  2. Specify DHL service: Store owner can specify which services want to show to customer. Suppose admin want to show only 'World Wide' service of DHL. So in this plugin admin can specify this service and customer will only see rate for this.
  3. Submit DHL shipment: After order placed, store owner can submit shipment to DHL which will return Airway bill number. This airway bill number will use to track the shipment.
  4. Generate shipping label pdf: For shipment label attachment, admin can generate this label pdf
  5. Book pickup request: To finalize shipment with DHL store owner need to book a request. This plugin gives ability to book pickup request to DHL which will confrim with a confirmation number. Also the shipment need to ready on which time and date.
  6. Populate DHL site tracking url for shipment: This plugin enables live DHL tracking url generate and visible to customer order details.

Setup and Process:

  • Install the plugin.
  • Go to configure and provide necessary informations like below with the information store owner registered with DHL.

  • Can specify which DHL services want to consider as shipping options

  • On DHL order list, able to submit DHL shipment and will get Airway Bill number on success.

  • After shipment submit with airway bill number will also get shipping label pdf. Booking pick up will be available after shipment submit
  • After booked pickup request will get pickup confrimation number, pickup ready by time and next pickup date