4 ways to enhance the eCommerce experience: Y Jewelry example

4 ways to enhance the eCommerce experience: Y Jewelry example
Statistics #1
180 products migrated
Statistics #2
11 Plugins developed
Statistics #3
1374 user accounts

Y Jewelry is an online jewelry store in France and India.


Previously, Y Jewelry was using a bespoke CMS and AngularJs (v1) as front-end. Both front-end and backend of the online store lacked many features with no easy way of further development in the current architecture. Y jewelry had the following requirements while building a new online store and migrating previous users and products:

  • A single store across the geo-locations, with the capability of covering further countries and increasing users.
  • Integration with Bluedart, for managing the inventory and shipping as well as delivery of the products.
  • Create a Chain of Reward points, where one customer can invite another on the website for getting reward points in return with further reward points on every purchase.
  • Feature for allowing customers, explore themselves with a simple interactive image questionnaire, which will suggest them new products according to there personalities.


Athenasoft developed the site on nopCommerce as CMS to provide a multi-linguistic jewelery eCommerce platform for different countries and Angular 6 as front-end. The new architecture was very rich in feature set and secure as well in comparison to the previous one. An API plugin was customized to connect both the front-end and CMS. The final product became SPA (Single Page application) experience for the end user with high-quality support of NopCommerce at the backend. Three more Plugins were developed to enhance the customer as well as the Administrator's experience in awe-inspiring ways.

To meet other customer’s requirements, Athenasoft had to build the following plugins:

Migration - Import Plugin

The other main requirement for this project was migrating previous customers as well as products. To tackle this, an import plugin was created which could import all the previous data available with the store like previous customers, old orders and customer addresses. This plugin helped to save a lot of time, which could have been spent on migration data one by one from the old store. It could also be used in the future to mass import data if needed. In the end, 4783 old orders and 1374 customers were imported while preserving all the data in just two clicks.

Tell Me y

Tell me Y suggests jewelry products based on personality traits that best describe you. You as a user answer a series of questions with two options. At the end of the questionnaire, the system suggests you products based on your responses. This system utilizes nopCommerce polls associated with product attributes and an AI-based algorithm learns about user preferences based on these attributes. The machine learning algorithm can then predict product preferences based on your responses.

Y Jewelry

Reward chain program

Building a user base in eCommerce relies heavily on referrals by users who already endorse a product or brand. eCommerce businesses use this approach to build a bigger user base where the refers benefit by earning reward points on purchases made by their referred customers. An n-level referral chain divides the reward points earned at each level so that some part of the sale is received by the referer. Reward points are redeemable for other program and within a couple of months, the user base increased by many folds.

Y Jewelry

Bluedart Integration

The client Y Jewelry maintains its stock with Bluedart across geographically distributed warehouses. The production happens at one place and then the stock is updated in the warehouse's post-production. The client wanted a deep integration with the warehouse management system (WMS) in place. With stocks being automatically updated in the nopCommerce based website, order statuses are updated based on the events in the WMS.

Bluedart has different third-party integrations like IBM Sterling, Vineculum, etc. Both IBM sterling and the Vineculum systems were deeply integrated with the warehouse, order, stock, shipping, invoicing, line item based returns and cancellations, gift wrapping, pre-orders. This reduced the operating costs for the client. Taxing and accounting were also maintained in custom admin panels in nopCommerce.

Stock velocity calculations were made to predict which products required replenishment in the stock. Later a predictive machine learning algorithm was employed to monitor the stock velocities more accurately. This integration helped the client to preserve a lot of manpower, where all the things like inventory update, order handling, order delivery dispatch would have been done manually. Now all those things are handled automatically by the plugin, which in its turn showed a great performance increase. All the orders are dispatched by 70% earlier, so the time saving is apparent as well as the increase of orders number.


Total of 11 plugins was created. With the support of new plugins and features, not only the UI of the store was revamped, but it also provided with a high-quality personalized experience for the user. All this in its turn provided a huge inflow of store traffic and public interest on the Y Jewelry website. Collaborations with popular bloggers with a lot of followers across different countries allowed to promote effectively the chain of charms feature.

Tell me y plugin also provided new insight into the demand for different types of products, which helped to create a new line of products and features. The introduction of new products and new store with different features increased the user-base with 20,000 in 1 month as well an increase of around a steady 37% increase in sales in the coming months.

At the current moment, Athenasoft is working on mass-customization feature due to high demand from our users, where a user can customize the whole jewelry they want to purchase. Bachelorette Registry will also be launched to let users write their desired text on jewelry.

Athenasoft is a nopCommerce silver partner. The company is based in Windemere Way WoodBury, NY and Chandigarh, India. It is an experienced NopCommerce developer, whether it’s a store design, customization or plugin development.