GoldFellow: 100 new customers monthly with a new eCommerce solution

GoldFellow: 100 new customers monthly with a new eCommerce solution
Statistics #1
$1.2 million in transactions in under 1 year
Statistics #2
4 custom plugins built
Statistics #3
Average 100 new customers per month


GoldFellow is a gold buying business that has over 35 years of experience in buying gold, silver and diamonds. GoldFellow prides themselves as having a “gold pedigree”!

Always looking to innovate they turned to Zulu Shack Creative - the nopCommerce Solution partner to create an Offer System solution and portal which would help them manage and transact with their customer base online.



Zulu Shack Creative stepped up!

The solution’s registration flow starts with a Package Creation, a process allowing users to safely generate packing slips and FedEx labels to safely send GoldFellow their gold in exchange for money.

The solution furthermore allows GoldFellow Admins to process packages into a custom-made Offer System, enabling GoldFellow to accept packages, create offers and process settlements by opening a line of communication within the system.

GoldFellow users can easily accept, counter or decline offers all from their own personalized user dashboards. A history of all transactions, notes and packages is kept for each customer, allowing GoldFellow to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Zulu Shack Creative proudly rose to the challenge and created an impressive solution based off nopCommerce architecture. We love nopCommerce and how extendable it is!

From a high-level overview, we were able to achieve and build out the following components which mage the solution possible:

  • Custom tables, views and communication channels to complete the Offer System Solution.
  • FedEx API Integration and custom extensions, allowing GoldFellow to set shipping and pricing rules, and for their customers to generate labels.
  • Custom PDF Packing Slip Generation, with dynamic fields.
  • Custom Payout Calculators and dynamic calculation rules specific to the Gold Market.
  • Dynamic Notification Bar.
  • Note keeping between Admin and Customers.
  • Settlements via Check, Zelle and PayPal.
  • Trust Pilot integration and custom rules (only payouts over a certain amount to get Trust Pilot email).
  • Custom Leads Import Plugin.
  • Custom Leads Webhook to listen for leads from 3rd Party Landing Pages like Unbounce.
  • Automatic lead conversion into registration flow.
  • Merger of two companies with one backend.



GoldFellow was able to achieve $1.2 million in transactions in under 1 year with the help of the customized solution developed by Zulu Shack Creative!

Averaging over 100 new sign-ups per month.

This success also helped GoldFellow partner up with Cash 4 Gold, a former heavyweight a national brand, to further extend their reach in the Gold Market space.