IC Intracom Mexico: increased availability to B2B customers

IC Intracom Mexico: increased availability to B2B customers
Statistics #1
99% of sales processed through the webpage
Statistics #2
24/7, 365 days a year availability to customers
Statistics #3
3 times less sales administrators were required


IC Intracom Mexico - a regional representative of an US-based company that develops, manufactures and distributes PC peripherals, accessories and networking products under several brands - earlier had its sales done through a telemarketing department. Orders could only be placed either by phone or an email. The company was growing and after several years, the number of orders increased significantly. Intracom started to look for an opportunity to give customers a self-service option. To provide B2B eCommerce services, they had decided to create their eCommmerce webpage. The main requirement was to integrate this page with their existing ERP system.


Having cooperated with Tecnofin, in 2011 the webpage was launched. The page allows:

  • registered customers to see the online catalog with all the prices and set up an order on their own at any time of the day
  • registered customers to build their orders by selecting products with the standard category/manufacturers navigation and search functionality. In order to expedite order process, also were added shopping list (similar to wishlist) of frequently purchased products and the ability to import an Excel list of products (SKUs and quantities) into the shopping cart or the shopping list
  • depending on a customer, prices to be displayed in Mexican pesos or US dollars with a conversion rate downloaded automatically from the ERP
  • shipping and handling costs to be added to an order invoice while setting up the order
  • customer support via live chat

A store was fully integrated with Intracom’s ERP system. This integration allowed to manage all operations from the ERP with no need to dive into the platform’s admin area.


The online store page became a significant competitive advantage for IC Intracom Mexico.

The company got a possibility to stay connected to their customers 24/7, and 365 days a year.

❝After we have launched our eCommerce webpage, 99% of the sales went online in just half a year!❞ - Gabriela Padilla, Organizational Development and IT Manager, Intracom

The telemarketing department was rebuilt into account management where employees now spend more time for customer business analysis and new solution promotion, instead of simple order management.

The number of sales administrators dropped from 10-12 to 3-4.

Tecnofin (est. 1993) is the leading company in Mexico in services for eCommerce and eBanking. The company has developed hundreds of eCommerce sites to meet specific needs of each customer in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Tecnofin also provides consulting and training services in eCommerce.