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Intelisale is Serbian IT company that provides omnichannel platform to reshape sales strategy and digitalize client's business. In addition to empowering, transforming, and directly improving sales team results, Intelisale will align pricing strategies, customer support, operations, IT, marketing, and finance and thus increase the performance of the entire organization.

The platform is called “all-in-one” because it easily covers all sales and sales-related processes. Due to this modularity, the platform works on all sales channels, from small to growing to large companies. It provides support for field and telephone sales, smart route planning, market monitoring, e-commerce, as well as very detailed analytics and reporting at hierarchy levels. It is intended for all companies that deal with sales, sales promotion, and distribution because it is the best solution for sellers in the field, sellers over the phone, or in the store.

In addition to direct sales, this tool significantly improves decision-making processes, which makes it very useful for the company’s top management. Since 2015, Intelisale platform helps clients connect all sales channels and all communication channels in one place, with the help of a strategic partnership with Infobip and the implementation of their products. The omnichannel platform is currently used by over 5000 users in more than 13 countries, and more than a million transactions are realized through it annually. Although the users of the solutions are different, results are the same - higher productivity of salespeople, higher selling goals every year, and lower costs.

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Intelisale's omnichannel platform leverages a powerful suite of functionalities, integrating diverse data sources into a cohesive solution designed primarily for B2B sales teams. Ideal for businesses at any stage of growth, our platform helps maximize performance and achieve sales quotas. While specialized in B2B, we also offer B2C eCommerce solutions with omnichannel approach for all types of industries and customers, enabling seamless integration across both markets to enhance sales outcomes.


  • Sales Leader – Provide your employees with a smart digital assistant that will become an indispensable element of the sales conversation but will also offer personalized and relevant information about customers, sales, and communication all in one place.
  • Streams - A unique place for managing all product information that allows you to list, enrich, and automatically distribute it on any sales channel, all in one place.
  • Optimizer - Your strategic tool for managing time and teams, through smart planning, recording, and precise tracking of daily activities in real-time.
  • e-Commerce - Offers a fast, easy, and always accessible online shopping experience suitable for all types of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises, catering to both B2B and B2C markets.
  • Charts - It provides advanced analytics and reporting, enabling the tracking of sales results by various parameters and levels, monitoring the status of sales documents, financial transactions, and all interactions with customers. Users have access to detailed analyses, allowing them to adjust their strategies and activities in accordance with the results.

Services related to nopCommerce:

  • nopCommerce Setup services - We offer high-quality, budget-friendly services to help you get started with your nopCommerce setup, including insights into nopCommerce itself. You are welcome to select from a broad array of third-party themes and plugins available on the nopCommerce marketplace.
  • nopCommerce plugin development - Occasionally, the nopCommerce marketplace may not offer ready-made solutions or extensions when you're developing a new website or looking to enhance an existing one with additional features. We specialize in crafting custom extensions tailored to your specific needs, providing our customers with unparalleled extensibility for their stores.
  • Tailored nopCommerce Solutions - With deep expertise in nopCommerce and its architecture, we tailor nopCommerce to meet any business requirement. Our team confidently tackles development challenges, ensuring there are no obstacles they can’t overcome. Choosing our services will alleviate any concerns you have about customization, letting you focus on what matters most—your business.
  • Optimized nopCommerce Upgrade Services - nopCommerce continuously enhances its platform by introducing new features, the latest technologies, and optimizations with each new version. Keeping your website updated to the latest version of nopCommerce is crucial. Our experts, equipped with best practices honed over years of experience, ensure a successful upgrade of your nopCommerce store, preserving all data and functionalities
  • Efficient nopCommerce Third-Party Integrations - Running an online business involves managing countless tasks—from handling products and shipping to managing payments and boosting sales. Tackling these challenges alone can be overwhelming and counterproductive. That's where our expertise comes in handy. We can expertly integrate your eCommerce platform with third-party software, customizing the setup within nopCommerce to meet your specific needs.
  • Strategic E-Commerce Consulting – Most of the companies aim to develop a top-performing eCommerce store, enriching it with numerous features or structuring it effectively for growth. We support such ambitions by guiding clients through technical implementations, leveraging our extensive experience in both nopCommerce and the broader eCommerce market. Our consulting services ensure your online business is well-equipped for success.


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