Kizomba Rooms: uniting a global community of dancing fans

Kizomba Rooms: uniting a global community of dancing fans
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+50 new users every week

Kizomba Rooms is one of the biggest portals uniting Kizomba, Semba, and UrbanKiz dancing fans. This portal allows kizomba fans to search for Kizomba-related events and shows around of the globe and to submit their own events.


The main objective was to create from scratch a portal for listing Kizomba, Semba and UrbanKiz events worldwide. One of the requirements was to set up a differentiated access for users, with a special allowance to manage the content for Admins. Complex search using database requests and filters was a mandatory requirement as well.


TMotions was chosen as an executant to built the website from scratch based on nopCommerce version 4.0 using out-of-the-box functionality with the custom-made graphic theme and banners/widgets created for the main website page and product details pages.

Here are technical solutions for the new website:


  • Different customer roles functionality in nopCommerce (Admin, Dealer, Forum Moderator, Vendor, Guests, Registered customers) was used to create a limited aсcess to some areas of the website for users, for example, to manage/ view the website.
  • The custom-made module to submit events was also added.
    Create an event
  • The website search functionality was improved by adding complex filtering by the type of events, location and distance to allow website visitors to easily find kizomba-related events near their location.
  • To list events instead of using traditional selling goods, an individual product page was customized. Google map event location was set as well.
  • Site development also included adding such features as ‘Register’ page, adding the city /postal code and external website authentication with Facebook to simplify the tracking of all events on the website by location.



The complete new website met all the client’s expectations. The main aim to consolidate the great Kizomba community was successfully achieved. The number of users has already reached tens of thousands and is expected to grow further.

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