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LionOBytes is an innovative technology company, focused exclusively on solving client business problems. We are different because our solutions are designed and built by people that have firsthand experience with SMB issues and their real-world challenges.

LionOBytes has developed a sophisticated, turn-key plugin for nopCommerce users that effortlessly joins the previously fragmented worlds of eCommerce, inventory, and planning / forecasting. Our solution unifies every step of eCommerce business processes: centralizing vendors, sourcing materials and services, automatic (re)ordering, inventory / product management, price book and discounts, customer management, sales order management, pick / pack, shipping / tracking, invoicing, reporting, and reconciliation. One place. No code required.

In addition to our nopCommerce plugin for eCommerce and Inventory, we offer a broad spectrum of services, specializing in Composable Applications, LionO360 CRM and Field Sales Management, Azure Optimization, and custom .Net Development.

We offer true end-to-end solutions for both digital commerce and traditional business operators - all with the built-in flexibility and ease of use from SaaS distribution. Think of where your IT business processes need help. We can solve that problem.

For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.

Installation and initial setup, Development and customization, Web design, Third-party integrations, Usability improvement, Branding, SEO, Content creation, Marketing automation, Technical support and consulting, Security
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  • Custom nopCommerce Development
    In addition to bespoke services for your existing nopCommerce businesses, LionOBytes offers fast and affordable services for getting your new nopCommerce store to market. We can help you install, optimize reach, understand workflows, and advise on best practices. Already a mature operator? We can take your business to the next level with custom-built solutions that separate you from competitors.
  • nopCommerce Theme Development

    First impressions are everything in today’s digital world. Having a curated theme that is both inviting and confident is critical to your digital storefront. We design tailored nopCommerce themes that increase your sales through a customer experience that’s a delight to discerning customers.

  • nopCommerce plugins Development

    Your eCommerce business and its needs are unique. If you find that there is no readily-available solution for your unique need in the nopCommerce marketplace, we can meet you with a solution. Even better, since we understand SMBs and their challenges, LionOBytes can offer you both custom-built plugins to solve for your need as well as the consideration and empathy that can only come from someone who has actually experienced similar challenges.

  • nopCommerce API Integrations

    Is there a third party partner or organization critical to your business? Chances are, an API integration is the best and most efficient way to make it happen. LionOBytes is an expert API development solution, supporting the broadest spectrum of API needs for your nopCommerce store. We offer speedy and reliable integrations for your business and anyone offering APIs. If you want cost savings and peace of mind, our API development services are your confident choice.

  • Upgrade & Migrations

    Continuous upgrades are a reality in a fast-paced eCommerce and technology environment. And this extends to nopCommerce and their commitment to the best possible product. LionOBytes shares that commitment with both nopCommerce and you, our client. LionOBytes can keep you on the leading edge of the market and make your life easier by keeping your version of nopCommerce both up-to-date and secure.


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