Makom: Redesigned Online Shop Bringing Cleaning Supplies Closer to Customers

Makom: Redesigned Online Shop Bringing Cleaning Supplies Closer to Customers
Statistics #1
Average time spent on the site surged by almost 39%
Statistics #2
Basket access skyrocketed by 1375% more visitors
Statistics #3
Page views for Android mobile users increased by 852%


For over 25 years, Makom has met the needs of customers prioritizing quality, cost-effectiveness, rapid response, and ecological considerations in their search for effective cleaning solutions. Specializing in facility hygiene and workplace productivity through the 5S method, Makom sought to unify its dual online store models — business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) — to enhance clarity for individual customers.


In a collaborative effort with the Stroka Business Group, Makom embarked on a significant redesign of its online shop in January 2021. The formidable challenge was seamlessly tackled by implementing a "one page checkout" system, streamlining the check-in process and elevating the user experience. Beyond a mere graphical facelift, the redesign seamlessly incorporated additional B2C services alongside the established B2B model.

To address challenges such as stock unavailability, Makom devised a solution suggesting alternative products when items were out of stock. This enhancement, intricately linked with PANTHEON, not only offers three alternative products within the primary classification but also positions NopCommerce as the backbone of this adaptive solution.

The redesign further broadened product accessibility through innovative categories based on activities (e.g., hotels) and content (blog). The introduction of filters empowered customers to specify preferences, integrating effortlessly with PANTHEON for streamlined document uploads related to selected products.

A pivotal element of the upgrade was the introduction of selective validation options, providing a personalized experience based on customer preferences. The seamless integration with the Stroka Business Group highlighted NopCommerce as the linchpin, offering adaptability to individual client needs and making it the optimal solution for the diverse requirements of Makom.


Implementing the redesigned online shop not only met the strategic goals but also showcased the capabilities of NopCommerce:

  • Average time spent on the site surged by almost 39%, and basket access skyrocketed by 1375% more visitors.
  • The meticulous focus on both desktop and mobile platforms led to an 852% increase in page views for Android mobile users, with NopCommerce proving its effectiveness across diverse platforms.
  • Customer feedback underscored the success of the redesign, emphasizing the streamlined buying process made possible by NopCommerce.

As Makom continues its marathon of improvements, the ongoing upgrades are planned to fortify the website's connection with NopCommerce, bringing Makom even closer to its customers. The invaluable collaboration with the Stroka Business Group continues to be instrumental in achieving continuous optimizations, all anchored on the robust foundation of NopCommerce for the benefit of website visitors.

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