MG Activewear: I launched the store myself, and it was easy

MG Activewear: I launched the store myself, and it was easy

Mr. Mohammed Arif Khan has launched his store on nopCommerce for high-quality fitness brands himself, without the developer’s help, and the process was quite easy. Now he shares his impressions of the launching process.


MG Activewear is an authorized dealer for high-quality fitness brands in the United Arab Emirates. We wanted a mobile-friendly powerful and scalable eCommerce platform to showcase multiple brands and product categories on a very tight budget.

Before choosing nopCommerce we studied various eCommerce platforms on the market such as Magento, Shopify, Wordpress and more. Upon rigorous usability testing and studying the platforms we found that Shopify & Wordpress are limited in functionality and mostly suited for single brand outlets. Magento is a strong platform however the yearly license and plugins’ cost seemed to us unreasonably expensive.

We decided to go with nopCommerce as we found that it is a powerful feature-rich & free open-source platform with a strong emphasis on mobile responsiveness.


Web hosting and initial store setup

Firstly, setting up the platform was very easy for me as a non-developer. nopCommerce provides links to verified partner web hosting companies, which offer managed service with 24-hour live support. I selected one of them that offered free trial without credit card. I got my demo store up and running within a few hours with help of Auto 1 click store installation combined with free version of Cloudflare CDN and SSL.

The demo store gave me opportunity to learn the nopCommerce system backend in advance. I found the admin area easy to use and feature-rich. So I became sure of my decision to work with nopCommerce.

Choosing the design

Next, it was time to customize the website based on my requirements. As a non-developer, I decided to search and install a template for it. After a few days of research on the marketplace, I came across the company that provides high-quality templates and plugins for the nopCommerce platform. Again I tested the trial version of the template and once satisfied committed to purchasing it.

Adding banners, content and product listing to the website was very straightforward. While I was using the system I picked up ways to improve and customize my store further. I found the Navigation Structure, Product attributes and Specification attributes in nopCommerce especially useful to organize my product listing.

Choosing the design

Choosing the design

Marketing and customer retention

To improve customer experience on the website I made further enhancements:

  • Social Login: I installed a plugin which allowed user to login with their Facebook and Google accounts. This speeds the customer registration process!
  • Loyalty Points: nopCommerce has an inbuilt reward point system which is great for user retention and offers marketing like SHOP.EARN.REDEEM
  • Newsletter: nopCommerce has an inbuilt newsletter mailing service with a plugin integration option with Mailchimp and others.

Customer Analytics and Remarketing

Developing the website is 30 percent of the work. 70 percent is operation and driving conversions. This requires the study of website visitors, their behavior and remarketing based on their interest. Customer analytics and remarketing is a very important factor to consider.

nopCommerce comes ready with Google Analytics to track visitors. Furthermore, I downloaded Google Shopping Feed plugin to push my products to Google Merchant center and also to the Facebook catalog. The process is very easy to complete.


With nopCommerce, I was able to independently create and launch my online store, featuring elite fitness brands Better Bodies from Sweden, Gasp Official from the USA, L’urv Sportswear from Australia and more. The design of the website has been appreciated by the principal brands and liked by new customers.

Key Features:

  • Easy Navigation of Website
  • Dedicated Brand Pages // With Intro Videos, About Brand Content and Listed Products
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Multi-currencies support
  • Dynamic One-Page Checkout
  • Analytics

In my mind, the major advantage of nopCommerce is that hardworking entrepreneurs can get a professional, powerful and scalable website fast and without wasting their money on the launch.