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Buy Now, Pay Smarter

Offer your customers a smarter way to pay.

Today’s consumers are looking for a payment solution that gives them financial control, flexibility and sustainable financing while also delivering trust and transparency. For many consumers, access to Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a reason to use a particular merchant.

Openpay is a leading BNPL provider trusted by thousands of brands across the globe. With Openpay, consumers can split the cost of their purchase into manageable monthly payments, with no interest and no hidden fees.

Openpay offers longer, more flexible plan lengths than other providers, enabling consumers to pay for higher value purchases more easily, and is one of the highest rated BNPL providers on Trustpilot

Openpay can help consumers manage costs in all areas of their life from Retail and Home Improvement to Healthcare, Veterinary and more, all from an easy to use app.

Merchant benefits

No payment risks. Plenty of rewards.


Openpay can significantly increase conversion and basket size, by allowing consumers to overcome cash flow blocks. Even medium and high-income earners may prefer to spread payments to manage their cash flow and avoid running out of funds before payday.

It also drives much sought-after loyalty. Consumers value being able to spread payments and shop with brands that offer them the services they want, while businesses get paid in full right away (minus any fees)

Customers are always required to pay their first instalment at checkout. Unlike deferred payment solutions which favour ‘try before you buy’ behaviour, this encourages considered purchases and can help reduce returns by up to 20%. And if a customer does return an item, we refund almost all of the merchant fees to the merchant.

The Openpay customer experience


Example shopping journey


Getting Started

Easy integration with NOPCommerce will get you up and running straight away, just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Sign up to an Openpay merchant account: Sign up
  2. Log in to your nopCommerce account
  3. Go to Administration > Configuration > Payment > Payment methods. Click “Configure” next to Openpay
  4. Follow the configuration instructions on the page

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