Pamboo - We love to care

Pamboo - We love to care
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Pamboo is a Swiss brand for sustainable kids’ and baby clothes founded by the textile designer Anna Warth in 2015. The company offers fun and creative clothes made of natural organic fabrics.

Pamboo approached us with new website development requirements and wanted to implement specific features. The nopAccelerate team helped by consulting on implementation and development. Also, they helped the company to implement the project in the best way at a cost-effective price.

nopAccelerate has been a Gold Solution Partner of nopCommerce for over 7 years and is excellent at developing plugins & themes.

Business challenges

As Pamboo expanded its collection and grew the business, increasing brand awareness and boosting sales became essential. That’s why the company needed a webshop that would attract more visitors, have a high conversion rate, provide a great customer experience, and reflect the brand’s corporate design.

The company had a webshop but was facing several challenges, such as:

  1. Slow site speed negatively affected the visitors’ experience
  2. The search function was not working as expected
  3. The look & feel of the webshop was not on brand, and the theme did not permit the required customization
  4. Plugins were producing errors that could not be fixed
  5. Updating the framework version was complicated because of the plugins, which also created website security problems
  6. Handling multiple-language content was cumbersome
  7. Mobile optimization was not up to the brand standard

These were obstacles in driving further business growth.

The company was looking for a solution to ensure a consistent digital presence with all the desired functionalities and features to support sales.


The experienced team of nopAccelerate provided the right solution by first understanding the client’s requirements in detail and then using plugins and code customization to achieve the desired result:


    • The company’s branding (color scheme, font, logo) was implemented in the header, footer, and main menu.
    • Various plugins were added, such as Anywhere Slider for banners, Quick View for product preview, JCarousel for showing related products and recently viewed products, Ribbons for displaying items on sale.
    • To meet the client’s demand, the technical team developed customized plugins for New/Specific Collection, the Super T-Shirts section, Review Slider, and sign-up for the newsletter.
    • In addition, new features were implemented, such as the New Arrivals banners, the Cloud zoom functionality, product detail overview, and other functionalities. Dropdowns solved the switching between languages and currencies.
    • Each section of the webshop – Blog, Product and Contact pages, Add to Cart, Checkout, and Registration – was customized as per the customer’s requirements.

The project was delivered on time and within budget.



The nopCommerce platform gave Pamboo the flexibility the company needed in terms of its corporate branding. The product catalog handling is now much faster for the client and allows for easier multi-language content management. The site now loads much quicker and provides a better user experience.

nopAccelerate’s solution stood out with a front-end customer experience layer that is decoupled from the business logic layer in order to give their 200+ brands across 15+ countries for 10 years+ the freedom to create their own identity while keeping the back-end consistent for easy maintenance and scaling.