Q-BRICKS: New Online Store with Expanded Sales Capabilities

Q-BRICKS: New Online Store with Expanded Sales Capabilities
Statistics #1
Enabling B2B bulk orders both domestically and internationally
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Eliminating redundant data entry, reducing errors and saving time
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Enhanced payment options and mobile-friendly design

Q-BRICKS is a Slovenian-based company selling 100% compatible bricks made in EU. Their old website proved to be ineffective for store management and B2B sales and they’ve reached out to Stroka Business Group with aim to develop a custom-designed webpage.


With a legacy spanning 40 years, the Q-BRICKS® brand faced challenges with its existing online store. The inherited system, developed by an Italian company, proved inefficient for the new Slovenian owners. Communication barriers in English and a lack of support for B2B sales posed significant drawbacks.

The need for an upgrade became apparent, as the online store only supported consumer sales, lacked flexibility for changes, and hindered interactive features like playing with blocks on the website. Amid challenges with the existing online store, Q-BRICKS faced communication barriers and lacked interactive features; Stroka Business Group recognized the need for a custom-designed webpage to overcome these drawbacks and enhance user engagement.


To address these challenges, Q-BRICKS formulated a long-term strategy for an upgradable online platform that integrates seamlessly with their in-house ERP system. Stroka Business Group emerged as the solution provider, with their NopCommerce online store offering a feature-rich solution.

The key focus was system integration, ensuring automatic data exchange, order fulfillment, and responsive support. The implementation, though slightly delayed due to additional feature requests, proved successful, and the NopCommerce platform provided the desired features and integrations.

Addressing the challenges head-on, Stroka Business Group played a pivotal role in the creation of a visually appealing and user-friendly design for Q-BRICKS' online platform, ensuring seamless interaction with block products. This custom design complemented the NopCommerce solution, emphasizing a holistic approach that merged functionality with an engaging and intuitive interface.


    Following the launch, Q-BRICKS witnessed immediate positive outcomes:

  • The new online store not only streamlined operations but also expanded sales capabilities to B2B, enabling bulk orders both domestically and internationally.
  • Integration with the ERP system eliminated redundant data entry, reducing errors and saving time.
  • The enhanced payment options, including credit card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, catered to diverse customer preferences.
  • The mobile-friendly design attracted a significant portion of users, especially during evening hours, resulting in increased sales, particularly during the pandemic.

Overall, the implementation of NopCommerce brought about efficiency, expanded sales channels, and facilitated a smoother customer experience. Stroka Business Group worked closely with Q-BRICKS to create a visually appealing and user-friendly design that allows customers to interact seamlessly with the block products.

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