Star Promotions - Case Study

Star Promotions - Case Study
Statistics #1
The bounce rate decreased from 40% to 36%
Statistics #2
Average Order Value increased by 8%
Statistics #3
Increasing the speed and overall performance of the site

Star Promotional Products provides its clients with budget-friendly and top-notch solutions. Their commitment extends to offering the most extensive variety of promotional products available in Australia, ensuring that a client has a diverse range of options to meet their promotional needs. From affordability to quality, they strive to be a go-to source for effective and impactful promotional solutions in the Australian market. TMotions helped to create a website that perfectly suited the Star Promotional’s needs.


Star Promotional aimed to establish a comprehensive solution for its customers by developing an online e-commerce platform. Their objective was to seamlessly integrate suppliers into this platform and ensure the smooth operation of the website.

Primary challenges faced by our client was:

  • The outdated website faced security vulnerabilities due to obsolete technologies, increasing the risk of potential threats.
  • The client maintains multiple suppliers for its inventory and seeks to integrate all of them to effectively manage stock levels. The client did not manage any inventory directly, relies on a select group of suppliers for purchasing and reselling goods. When a supplier ran out of stock, the client had to manually track and update inventory.
  • The client desires to transition from the old server to a newer one, seeking an upgrade or replacement for improved performance, features, and reliability.
  • The clients sought seamless payment processing, prompting us to implement integration solutions.

TMotions worked closely with the client to create an online platform that would meet their business needs

  • We facilitated the integration of all suppliers for our client, aiding them in maintaining optimal stock levels to ensure the seamless operation of their business.
  • We conducted a migration for the client, transitioning them from older servers to newer ones to enhance website performance and user-friendliness.
  • We upgraded the client's outdated ecommerce platform to a newer version with enhanced features, ensuring smoother operations.
  • To ensure a seamless payment process, we incorporated the Simplify Payment Portal, safeguarding the business from any disruptions caused by payment issues.
  • To guarantee the smooth operation of our website, we leverage the capabilities of .NET, C#, and HTML for the seamless user experience. Additionally, MySQL serves as our database solution, while Microsoft Azure hosts our server infrastructure.

    tech diagram

Through the strategic collaboration with TMotions, our client achieved Excellence through Delivered Value

Following the triumphant website launch:

  1. Lower Bounce Rates: Faster load times reduced the bounce rate of the client site. If the bounce rate decreased from 40% to 36%.
  2. Higher Average Order Value (AOV): With a more diverse range of products and a smoother shopping experience, customers were inclined to add more items to their cart, increasing the AOV. The AOV increased by 8%, this directly translated to a 8% increase in revenue.
  3. Clients have witnessed a notable surge in site traffic.
  4. The integration of a new Azure cloud has significantly contributed to our clients' business expansion by enhancing website speed and overall performance.
  5. The implementation of a streamlined payment portal has alleviated client concerns, simplifying the payment process.
  6. The transition from older to newer technology has not only addressed bugs but also bolstered website security.

TMotions proudly continues to serve as their dedicated maintenance partner.