Sun State International: Streamlined ecommerce experience drives 13% increase in retail sales

Sun State International: Streamlined ecommerce experience drives 13% increase in retail sales
Statistics #1
13% increase in retail sales since site launch
Statistics #2
$1 million+ in annual parts sales
Statistics #3
Real-time parts inventory data

Sun State International Trucks, LLC is a family-owned and operated dealer for International’s flagship line of trucks and for Hyundai Translead and Globe trailers, and IC Bus. Sun State serves the central/western region of Florida.


Prior to working with Spinutech, the Sun State Parts Department conducted most of their sales over the phone or via email.

  • Orders required manual entry into their parts management system.
  • Website was purely informational and lacked any ecommerce functionality.
  • Needed integration into their Excede® ERP.
  • Lack of real-time inventory on the website.


Spinutech determined nopCommerce was the ideal platform for Sun State. Not only did nopCommerce provide all of the features essential to operating an ecommerce website, but it is also extremely customizable. Because Sun State leverages Excede®, a third-party ERP system developed by Procede Software, to store their catalog data, a flexible platform was critical to ensuring a seamless integration.

Taking into account Sun State’s reliance on Excede for their day-to-day operations, Spinutech was tasked with developing a hybrid solution that would allow customers to place orders online without disrupting Sun State’s internal processes. So their team built a software bridge between Excede and the nopCommerce database — a solution that resulted in significant time savings for development — funneling real-time inventory data to the website.


Sun State International’s new online parts store streamlined the ecommerce experience for both customers and employees alike. It enables customers to place orders online rather than send a list of items to a sales representative, and it has eliminated the need for Sun State employees to enter orders manually into their ERP system, creating efficiencies that have boosted productivity.

The website launched in summer 2021, and in October the following year the client reported exceeding $1 million in sales for the calendar year. Today, Sun State has reported a 13% increase in retail sales overall since the launch of the website.

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