35% decrease of bounce rate 35% decrease of bounce rate
Statistics #1
8% of online sales growth
Statistics #2
35% decrease bounce rate
Statistics #3
12% increase in repeated customers is a Netherlands-based company that offers high-quality electronic gadgets, such as wireless speakers, data cables & headphones.

The company already had a website but the CMS it was built on had many issues & bugs that affected the overall performance of the site and increased the page load time. In addition, the mobile version needed to be improved. The client wanted to get the simple but effective and secure platform to transform the site.


  • As per Site Analytics Report, bounce rate was the biggest issue that the client faced. The main objective was to create the user-friendly design that loads fast and helps to reduce bounce rate.
  • The structure of the mobile UX confused or diverted the visitors’ attention when they were scrolling down important pages – typically the “purchase now” or “contact us”. To make navigation easier, the length of the mobile pages was limited so visitors could easily scroll to the bottom.
  • Data Migration was vital as well. The whole database was migrated into MS SQL Server with Entity Framework from My SQL Database that the client was using previously.
  • Built “Advanced Search Filter” and integrate with nopCommerce store.
  • Customize & integrate the AfterPay payment gateway with the store as the client only wanted to use this.
  • The biggest challenge was to manage the schedule. The client wanted to get a new site as soon as possible.


Design & Mobile UX

nopExtensions developed the brand new design that looks well everywhere including all kinds of mobile devices. The new optimal structure and improved mobile UX helps navigate the store easily.

The team used front-end technology like Bootstrap, JQuery & Ajax in order to improve the UI loading speed and mobile functionality. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was used to create mobile-friendly content that loads quickly.

Data Migration

To migrate the data, the team used Microsoft SQL Server with Entity Framework as nopCommerce uses the same. In nopCommerce, mostly Database Operation work done by Entity Framework. nopExtensions followed code first approach migration, write code first then use Entity Framework to generate the database from the C# classes.

Steps followed in Database Migration with Entity Framework:

  • First, entities and possibly changes in the existing entities were created, like adding new fields in existing product, categories & order based on the requirements using C#.
  • The changes are done in Libraries: Libraries=>Nop.Core=>Domain
  • Based on requirements, some changes with mapping were done. The team used fluent API to map with database rules and constraint like primary key, type of relationship between tables, etc.
  • The map Changes are done in Libraries: Libraries=>Nop.Data=>Mapping
  • The team also has done some changes and added new services to read, write, update, delete the data in the database.


Store Performance

In order to increase the overall store performance, testability and maintainability, nopExtensions followed nopCommerce design patterns and SOLID principles. For quick bug tracing and better maintainability of application code, the unit-testing module was created.

Integrate Advanced Search Filter

Advanced Search Filter

A new “Advanced Search Filter” allows to search products based on price range, product color and to filter the products based on manufacturers. The advanced search box enabled with “auto complete” search to give customers the suggestions. It also uses Product Tag for products search.

Customized & Integrate AfterPay Gateway

The AfterPay payment gateway was customized as per the client’s need. It was pretty challenging to customize AfterPay for the Netherlands only and integrate into the store with other payment gateways.

More features

The plugins “Deal of the Day”, “Product Image Zoom” & “Social Login” were integrated with the new nopCommerce store to enhance its functionality.

ASANA system was customized and integrated with the store to generating proper reporting of daily orders and cancellations.


The store was launched in the agreed deadlines and fulfills all the client needs. AfterPay payment gateway is working as a full version of payment gateway and secured with code. Finally developed mobile responsive nopCommerce site gives easy access to customers anywhere on the desktop and mobile platforms. That generate results:

  • 50% increase the time of customer session in the store
  • 12% increase in repeated customers monthly
  • 35% decrease bounce rate
  • 8% sales growth
  • 30% growth in website conversion rate after observation of 2 months


nopExtensions is nopCommerce solutions partner that offers multiple services including nopCommerce development, web development, personalized themes creation, plugins development, eCommerce store migration, version upgrade services and much more, which helps to improve the functionality and running a profitable eCommerce store.