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Weblink is a digital software factory. Weblink was funded in 1996 and the service portfolio is focused on the development of business applications for the Internet. Areas of excellence include the development of web sites, digital marketing, B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions, mobile apps and tailored software applications. Weblink has been using nopCommerce since 2011 for the development of e-commerce sites. We develop both B2C and B2B e-commerce. We have wide experience in platform customization and integration with other business applications (ERP; CRM; PIM). Over time we have developed more than 50 websites based on nopCommerce. Leading edge innovation is the way we provide value to customers.

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We have been designing websites for almost twenty years, always giving reliable and innovative solutions. The website must convey emotions and be functional in providing the information that visitors are looking for. By combining these two elements, the sites we develop effectively position our client companies, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the network. The ease of content management, through advanced Content Management System (CMS) tools, combined with graphic creativity always looking to the trends of a constantly evolving market, make our sites a critical resource for our customers.



Our reference platform, nopCommerce, allows us to create e-commerce sites both for multinational companies for which B2B and B2C have become a crucial piece of their go-to-market and for start-ups that have had an innovative idea and want to bring it to the market. Our strategic vision, helped by robust and reliable technology, allows us to manage transactions for hundreds of millions of euros per year for our customers. The graphics and creativity study, combined with particular attention to the site's ergonomics, bring our offer back to the top of the market.



The positioning and indexing of website content are essential components of the success of your site. With our SEO offer (Search Engine Optimization) we help our clients to be found more easily in the searches that visitors make in the most common search engines. We can study targeted advertising campaigns, in which the words that distinguish your business are used to intercept the interest of visitors. We also provide tools to monitor the interest that the site awakens in visitors. We create pages and manage a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and others, ensuring that the image that companies on social networks is consistent with their mission and we make sure that the social network becomes a business tool.



We develop apps in the native language, iOS, and Android; we also develop cross-platform systems like Xamarin. We help our customers to take advantage of a tool with incredible potential. Tablets and smartphones are now widely used and the apps we develop, based on pleasant graphics and advanced features, will give you an edge over your competition. Geolocation, proximity, augmented reality, social networking is the technologies that allow the customer to provide the best service through their app.

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