xDalys: from 8M to 14M products after the site upgrade

xDalys: from 8M to 14M products after the site upgrade
Statistics #1
75% more products in the database
Statistics #2
3 more site languages
Statistics #3
new search plugin


xDalys is the largest Lithuanian supplier of used parts for different vehicles. All products in the store are genuine parts sold from Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and many other suppliers. Parts are being gathered from all over the Europe and shipped worldwide from a warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Before starting their work with Dev Partner, xDalys already had their website on nopCommerce (version 3.4) and used additional search plugin. The company had 8 millions of products in their database and experienced issues with their website when tried to increase the amount of products.

Another issue was related to the site localization. xDalys wanted to add more languages and localizations for their products, however, after translation of their website, performance issues and incorrect work of the site took place.

Moreover, the website has two types of users, businesses and individual shoppers, different payment options are required for different types of users.


To solve performance and localization issues, Dev Partner did customization in several areas for this website:

  • Search & categories pages

    First of all, the website was updated to the 3.8 version and a new search plugin was developed from scratch to avoid any performance mistakes of the previous one and to make sure that the plugin is going to work well for client’s database in 4 languages. The new search solution is based on Solr Enterprise search engine. This plugin overrides search and categories of nopCommerce pages and those pages use search engine instead of the database. It allows to improve performance significantly.
    Additionally, support for some out of the box Solr features like Highliting was implemented.

  • Search builder

    Dev Partner implemented search builder pages based on its CMS plugin which allows to create different types of pages with SEO friendly names. This builder allows a store owner to create public pages with some predefined search request.

To accommodate different types of users, nopCommerce multi-strore functionality was used and extended: different store context was set based on a user type. It allowed to apply absolutely different settings and payment options for different types of users.

Mobile site version was also developed.

Search builder


As the result of the store upgrade and customization, xDalys was able to increase their database. Their catalog was extended to 14 mln products instead of 8 mln; 3 more languages were added and localization for products was done.


About the partner: Dev Partner, a company based in Poland and Belarus, is a dedicated team of software and network engineers, system architects, and program managers. They satisfy customers and clients by providing cost-effective, innovative solutions to their business needs. Dev Partner delivers on time and within budget.