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nopCommerce premium support services

3 months support period

One-time fee
That's only $99.67/month!

1 year support period

One-time fee
That's only $66.58/month!

In addition to the community based free technical supports on forums, nopCommere team provides paid premium support services. Our premium support services are intended for people who run mission critical websites, work on projects with tight deadlines, or want to get dedicated support.

Find the details below:

General Terms
Support period 3 months or 1 year
Guaranteed response time 24 hours (1 business day)
Bug fix warranty * 5 business days
Permitted service requests (per contract term) unlimited
Languages English or Russian
Support contact method Internal ticket system
Service level window (SLW) Monday-Friday
Excluding holidays
Covered versions nopCommerce 3.00 and above
What is included?
Support from the core team
General questions
Configuration, installation and upgrade questions, optimization, etc
Development and customization questions
Bug fixing *
Architectural advising
Custom code review
Support for third-party plugins and themes **
Underlying technologies (e.g. Windows, IIS, SQL Server)
Complex customization queries ***

* - nopCommerce agrees to resolve any bug identified by a current customer and identified as a bug by mutual agreement between the customer and an authorized nopCommerce representative. nopCommerce agrees to provide a fix which corrects or mitigates the behavior introduced by the bug within 5 business days from the date the bug is confirmed by mutual agreement. The fix may require the customer to upgrade to the latest nopCommerce version and may be provided as a patch, a manual update, or a full release at the discretion of nopCommerce.

** - all plugins and themes available on our marketplace.

*** - If you need some non-trivial customization or interested in a custom plugin, then request a quote or contact our solution partners to get started.