nopStation Facebook Shop Plugin

nopStation Facebook Shop Plugin
This plugin allow store owner to add functionality to browse his/her nopCommerce website's catalog and search within Facebook.
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Versões suportadas: 4.40
Criado: maio 31,2021
Última atualização: agosto 10,2021

NopStation Facebook Shop plugin provides customers the functionality to browse nopCommerce website catalog and search for the right product within Facebook. Using this plugin nopCommerce website owner can build a store on Facebook and start selling today with this powerful and easy to manage plugin.

Features :

  • Each product in the NopStation Facebook shop has a details button.
  • Each product is clickable & redirecable to the main website for showing details.
  • You can select which products to display on the homepage.
  • You can view products category wise
  • You can select which categories to appear in the main menu.
  • This plugin is multi store supported.
  • Every category & product can be limited to specific stores.


  • Download plugin zip file.
  • Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  • Upload the NopStation.FacebookShop zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station FacebookShop' Plugin.
  • Activate the plugin with 'Edit' option And Configure it.

How to setup

The Configure menu can be found at Nop Station → Plugins → Facebook Shop→ Configure

In the Configure menu there will be four tabs for different tasks

  • Settings
  • Select Category
  • Select Product
  • Configuration Notes

Settings: In settings menu there is two segment

  • Main Menu Categories: In this section a list of categories will be shown, which was selected for showing in the Facebook Shop Home page Category navigation menu.
  • Home Page Products: In this section a list of products will be shown, which was selected for showing in the Facebook Shop Home Product list.

Select Category: To select the category

Select Product: To select the product