Xero accounting integration plugin for nopCommerce (By nopCommercePlus).

Xero accounting integration plugin for nopCommerce (By nopCommercePlus).
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Customers, orders, Inventory and payment are sync with Xero. Supported Version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: July 19,2018
Last updated: December 02,2019

Xero Accounting for nopCommerce


Xero Accounting is stunning accounting software as itself, it is indeed made accounting easy and attractive. Selling online can be challenging. Whether you’re selling on nopCommerce Xero works seamlessly with third-party add-on to control your stock, manage orders and streamline admin tasks. This extension can help store owners to easily sync their data with Xero. This add-on is very flexible and easy to integrate with your nopCommerce store such as, how order you will import with configurable payment method. . As necessary as it is, updating accounts is hardly the most exciting part of running an ecommerce business. Integrating nopCommerce and Xero can remove the need for many tedious and time consuming jobs usually needed to keep your accounts updated. Both are focused on bringing great benefits to businesses, and addressing your day to day needs, so they make fantastic partners.




When an order is placed the invoice and customer will automatically be created in Xero Accounting. Products, payment and stock levels are also synced. Automate accounting by creating Invoice and Payment.


Supports all types of tax to sync with Xero like HST, GST, PST and VAT.


Support for Discount, Gift Card and Reward Points to sync with Xero.


Support for product attributes, product custom attributes and checkout attributes to sync with Xero.


Automatic Customer creation with intelligence of maintaining particularity. Our extension can reduce the data duplication with intelligence.


Monitor each transaction log, trace every error, troubleshoot issues and rerun particular transaction. Provides robust troubleshooting and failure recovery functionality.


Inventory synchronization allowing inventory to be managed from Xero and auto manage stock in nopCommerce.


Allow store owner to configure payment methods with Xero accounts.


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jackjbradford 10/5/2019 10:44 AM
Good plugin & support
Took a few goes at getting a licence key which worked but developer was very helpful sorting this out for us.

Plugin works and syncs invoices and payments. Some small issues I've currently got:
- Doesn't work with a "collect in store" order
- Doesn't support syncing payments to a different account per currency

Hopefully they'll have time to update these things for future versions.
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ActionWebsites 10/2/2018 1:53 AM
Good plugin and XERO item two way sync.
Great support from the guys.
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