DHL Connector (

DHL Connector (
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Integrate DHL with nopcommerce (get rates, create labels, upload papers)
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支持的版本: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
创建于 二月 22,2020
最后更新: 四月 11,2021

DHL Connector

Integrate with DHL (get rates, create labels, upload papers) (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


This plugin integrates DHL and nopcommerce.


  • get rates from DHL
  • change the name of DHL shipping methods
  • add descriptions to DHL shipping methods
  • localized values DHL shipping method names and descriptions
  • create labels from each nop order
  • many parameters
  • support tracking number features
  • support DHL paperless tool
  • many others


Supported nopCommerce 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial (15 days trial period)

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

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alaktaa 2021/6/30 7:26
Different Countries
can we use it with DHL in Germany?
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Yes, the plugin uses Global DHL API
kammalanda 2021/6/14 4:31
Excellent support
Great plugin and the support is excellent, updates are given very quickly and answers are answered very quickly.
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DSaiza 2021/4/30 12:38
Different Countries
can we use it with DHL in Mexico?
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Yes, this plugin uses the Global DHL API. Read our documentation, create DHL API credentials (DHL assistant has to do it) and try the trial version.
[email protected] 2021/3/29 9:01
Extra days
We couldnt test your plugin in trial period. Now it is expired.
Could you reset please our trial period?
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Send your store URL to my email [email protected]
[email protected] 2021/3/2 12:50
Download never starts (?)
Hi, we couldnt donwload the trial plugin. How can we get?
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grandtulba 2020/11/10 2:34
Excellent Support and fast reply
Really The support was beyond my expectation even they did customization in the plugin in no time.
really 5 stars support
thanks allot
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ok4135 2020/7/10 1:17
Excellent plugin and support
Our software company has been struggling for 1 year to complete the dhl integration. Then they did it in 1-2 days with this plugin. Excellent plugin and support!
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DaveBuchanan1337 2020/7/3 7:54
Good plugin, good support
This developer makes a big contribution to the nop community and the support is very good.
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fatih 2020/3/3 9:43
Some Suggestions
It's a good plugin but I think it will be better if these features will be added:

While creating the label:

1. It should allow adding custom dimensions for the package. There are some pre-set package dimensions but they are not enough and cannot match everything. So, user should be allowed to add dimensions manually.

2. It should allow setting the package value manually. Currently, plugin takes the order value by default but sometimes, it's needed to set different values than order total.

3. It shows the Receiver name with CDATA on the label like:


This issue should be fixed.
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Thank you. I'll add the new features (2-3 days), I agree with you.
I can't see the issue with CDATA on the label.
Send me example yo my email [email protected]