nopCommerce v2.00 released

8 years ago
We are extremely happy to announce the availability of nopCommerce v2.00 for download and upgrade. Visit this page to download the latest version and get involved in the nopCommerce Community.

nopCommerce 2.00 was rewritten from scratch. Our development efforts were focused on moving nopCommerce to ASP.NET MVC 3.0, architecture improvements, further enhancements and fixing bugs. We also decided not to ship nopCommerce with all that shipping & payment modules that were included in the previous versions (about 35 modules). Only some of them are available out of the box. All other payment modules will be available as plugins.

Highlight features:
•  Architecture improvements
•  Moved to ASP.NET MVC 3.0 (Razor syntax)
•  Really pluggable architecture (just drop a plugin to the /plugins folder in your nopCommerce directory)
•  SQL Server Compact support
•  Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 (data access)
•  More flexible ACL implementation
•  More user-friendly admin area
•  Added unit tests

To see the full list of fixes and changes please visit the release notes page.
8 years ago
8 years ago
good job!
8 years ago
Brilliant. You were true to yours words. You really did finish it for the end of July :)

If I buy the Documentation now, will I get future updates for free ?

8 years ago
Way to go, NopCommerce Team!
8 years ago
Way to go.  Good Job!!!
8 years ago
Thank you one more time to Andrei and rest of the team members for the new V2.00 release.

V2.00 looks great!!!
8 years ago
Very nice to see nopCommerce v2.00... Also admin area looks great . Thanks to all.
8 years ago
Web platform installer is still linked to 1.9
8 years ago
Thank you Team , It is a great move