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Release Notes

Here you can view a list of all the changes for each release of nopCommerce.
Release Notes - nopCommerce 4.20 (May 28, 2019)
Highlight features
  • Re-designed admin area. A lot of UI/UX enhancements in admin area
  • Significant performance enhancements
  • nopCommerce can be run on Linux now
  • Docker support
  • Upgraded to ASP.NET Core 2.2 and EF Core 2.2
  • Performance. HTML minification
  • Performance. Significant performance improvement by upgrading to EF Core 2.2 because the previous version of EF had a critical performance issue
  • Performance. Faster processing of large catalogs (do not load product attributes for products without attributes)
  • Performance. Faster processing of pictures stored in Windows Azure
  • Performance. Faster discount calculation
  • Performance. Faster generation of bundled and minified JS and CSS files
  • Performance. Redis works much faster now
  • Performance. Moved jQuery library to the footer (actually all js libraries now)
  • Performance. Improved performance of “IsCrawler” method used to detect search engines
  • Performance. Cache is cleared much faster now
  • New plugin architecture. Do not load uninstalled plugins in memory. Allow to uninstall/install multiple plugins at the same time
  • Added Avalara tax plugin out of the box
  • Security. Prevent a credit card bruteforce
  • GDPR user change history
  • We moved away from outdated KendoUI Grid to DataTables library
  • Added localizations for relative dates (previously they were hard-coded)
  • Added "Use response compression" setting to UI
  • Notificate customers when discount coupon code is applied using URL
  • Allow a store owner to configure password strength
  • Added a setting indicating whether we should apply additional shipping charge for pickup in store
  • Added backward compatibility routes for product tags
  • Added alternate language pages to sitemap.xml
  • Added favicon support for other devices (e.g. iOS Safari, Android Chrome, Windows 8 and 10,Mac OS X El Capitan Safari)
  • Allow to upload favicon in admin area
  • “Default value” of checkout and product attributes is localizable now
  • “Custom text” of specification attributes is localizable now
  • Added meta property "og:image:url" (file sharing in social networks)
  • Updated breadcrumbs structure according to the latest schema changing
  • Do not store "clean" passwords for external authentication systems
  • Update PayPal Standard plugin config instruction
  • Update Facebook plugin config instruction
  • Allow filtering by warehouse for the order list report
  • Added warning when trying to impersonate inactive customers
  • Added QualPay and SendInBlue plugins
  • Removed WorldPay plugin
  • Updated Square plugin to use the new "renew token" API
  • Admin area. Add a link to the warnings page from the dashboard
  • Added reCAPTCHA to the “forgot password” page
  • Support for multiple reCAPTCHAs on one page
  • Return 404 page when a topic, blog post, news item cannot be loaded
  • Increased max length of the settings
  • Filtering support for the "shopping carts and wishlist" page (admin area)
  • Remove Google+ page URL from social media (Google dropped its support)
  • Added ada tags to assist screen readers
  • Added possibility to use specific redis database
  • Added additionally check ManageAcl permission when managing customer roles
  • Performance. Allow to load top menu using AJAX (disabled by default)
  • Developers. Added Redis and AzureBlobStorage Enabled settings to SystemInfo admin widget
  • Developers. Continuous Integration. Added support of Travis CI (
  • Developers. Support schema other than DBO (databases)
  • Developers. Refactoring of admin mapping configuration
  • Developers. Added application root path for use in JavaScript
  • Developers. Added more widget zones
  • Developers. Added event handler on document when pressing Enter
  • Developers. Use IHttpClientFactory to create HttpClients (performance)
  • Developers. Less source code duplication
  • Developers. A lot of source code refactoring
  • Developers. Updated third-party libraries to the latest version
  • Developers. Added attribute "placeholder" in nop-editor tag helper
  • Developers. Added instructions for changing type datetime to type datetime2 in the database
  • Developers. Changed file extension from .txt to .csv when exporting
  • Developers. Store source files uploaded using html editor filemanager in database if media setting is database
  • Security. XSS security issue fixed
  • Security. XEE security issue fixed
  • Admin menu was broken on mobile devices
  • Fixed rating stars display (product reviews)
  • Profit on the order details page didn’t consider "refunded amount"
  • Images were not displayed after product name changes
  • Return requests could not be edited
  • UPS Plugin. Shipping rates were set to 0 for international shipments
  • Page titles weren’t set for all pages in admin area
  • Browser language wasn’t detected properly (used in multilingual websites)
  • The plugin list page couldn’t be open when website was not available
  • Editing of attribute combinations didn’t properly pre-set values
  • Facebook authentication. Fixed redirection issue when authentication failed
  • Fixed duplicated warnings on admin area pages with a multi-store configuration
  • Fixed a “free shipping” label
  • Product tags count ignored ACL
  • Sitemaps loaded categories of all store (multi-store configuration issue)
  • Pickup points. Added display of address input fields depending on the address settings
  • Fixed problem with localization of non English chars in the “add reward points” form in admin area
  • reCAPTCHA didn’t work behind proxy
  • We had duplicates in UrlRecord after installation with sample data
  • Fixed issue with custom address attributes and "Billing address in checkout is disabled" setting
  • Fixed problem when allowed to save empty download object
  • Fixed tax calculation if product cost was zero
  • “Edit page” administration links didn’t work on the blog and news pages
  • When the picture SEO filename was changed, images couldn’t be loaded (cache reset was required)
  • When you limited a news item to a particular store you could still view it in other stores
  • Fixed duplicated default select option under country drop-down on the shipment page
  • Fixed issued in magnific popup gallery
  • Fixed euro symbol display
  • Fixed robots.txt for search page
  • Fixed CSS issue with up/down buttons (IE Edge +Firefox)
  • Fixed Redis clear cache error
  • Fixed problem with synchronization of "CustomerCustomerRoleMappings" with "CustomerRoles" entities
  • We should remove filename after clicking "Remove picture" button when uploading images
  • Fixed generate configuration URL in virtual directories for discount requirement plugins
  • Fixed bug with "SpecificationAttributes" caching
  • Fixed error with incorrect background color of uploaded images
  • Fixed redirection problem when PdtToken isn't set for PayPal standard options
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