Release Notes

Here you can view a list of all the changes for each release of nopCommerce.
Release Notes - nopCommerce 4.10 (July 26, 2018)

Our development efforts were focused on moving nopCommerce to NET Core 2.1, performance and architecture improvements, further enhancements and fixing bugs.

Highlight features

  • Moved from .NET Framework to .NET Core 2.1
  • GDPR support


  • Upgraded to ASP.NET Core 2.1 and EF Core 2.1
  • Added "Shipping by Total" functionality to "Shipping by Weight" plugin
  • Custom vendor attributes
  • Combined some admin area (UI/UX)
  • Allow customers to check gift card balance
  • Updated all third-party libraries to the latest version
  • Updated all third-party client libraries (e.g. jQuery) to the latest version (only in public store)
  • Now Google Analytics plugin uses a new tracking code - Global Site Tag
  • Added opportunity add multiple rating values
  • Dropped support SQL Server Compact.
  • Added displaying the customer avatar (if enabled) in the customer list page
  • Added support import picture of product by URL
  • Ignored reviews of limited to stores products and filter reviews on enabled ShowProductReviewsPerStore setting on the account page
  • Moved default view (grid/view) setting to UI
  • Added warning admin that the entered SKU already exists
  • Allow admin to provide external links to a store which include a discount coupon code
  • Notify customers when a store owner (or vendor) replies to their product reviews
  • Added ignoring of products with the unchecked "Visible individually" property on cross-sell products list and related products list
  • Added missed TaxRate to recurring orders
  • Permitted to use CSS style/link tags in richTextBox
  • Added ability to allow a store owner to disable checkout process
  • Added possibility a store owner to delete shopping carts and wishlists on the admin area
  • More accurate start time of schedule tasks (after application restart)
  • Support multiple topics (the same system name) with ACL
  • Renamed some widget zone names (variable names)
  • Order details page (admin). Combine "Billing info" and "Shipping info" into one single tab
  • Added delay usage of reward points when adding them manually in admin area
  • Allowed the use of cookies from SSL protected page on the other store pages which are not
  • Support filtering by product in summary reports on the order list page (admin area)
  • Added possibility to set product attribute price adjustments as percentages
  • Added support for polls per store
  • Added ability to automatic remove required products from the cart if the main one is removed
  • Dropped support of reCaptcha version 1 (outdated)
  • Added ability to automatically choose language for reCAPTCHA
  • Added preview button for news, topics, blogs
  • Removed PayPal Direct plugin from the solution
  • Removed FedEx plugin from the solution
  • Updated maxmind and browscap databases
  • Synchronized the logic of displaying strikethrough price on the catalog page and product details page
  • Quick search in admin area includes plugins now
  • Display primary currency code on Value of 'X' (free shipping)
  • Removed obsolete unit tests
  • Excluded from bundle scripts in Worldpay and Square payment plugins
  • Allowed a store owner to search topics by keywords
  • Added filters by dates on the discount list page
  • Added filter by unpublished products on low stock report page
  • Added pagination support on "AppliedTo" discount pages
  • Implemented showing vendor name on the shopping cart and order details page
  • Added order notification to affiliate
  • Added possibility to preselect a country if there's only one country available (public store)
  • Added possibility a store owner to view all mapped products on a specification details page
  • Added possibility to create several product attribute combinations
  • Added possibility to find orders by phone number
  • Added ability to show date for pre-order availability in public store
  • Added ability to allow a store owner to specify rules for usernames
  • Added ability to delete gift card usage history after order cancellation
  • Added setting to ship product separately one item each
  • Added settings for hide/show footer items
  • Added settings to configure registration points validity
  • Added setting to sort reviews by date created desc OR asc
  • Added settings to configure minimum order total when points are granted
  • Added settings for datepicker "count of displayed years"
  • Allowed to set number of days when reward points are valid
  • Added validity of reward points when adding them manually in admin area
  • Excluded payment fees from profit report
  • Added showing an error when customer try to add a new "reward point" row with zero value
  • Added display link to the search page of autocomplete search result list
  • Replaced "confirm" javascript to "action-confirmation" window in admin area
  • Performance. Added sitemap pagination
  • Performance.Added re-index function for tables of database
  • Performance. Implemented splitting "big import file"
  • Performance. Speed up to load categories (database paging)
  • Performance. Added avoid unnecessary loading of binary image data
  • Developers. Move business logic from extension methods to services. This will make it easy to override appropriate methods and then use them by DI container.
  • Developers. Pass entire model to widgets
  • Developers. Square payment plugin and Worldpay plugin. Identified a route by name instead of route values
  • Developers. Supported order tokens in "return request" message templates
  • Developers. Added entity reference to activity log
  • Developers. Cleared cached widgets on updating a widget plugin descriptor
  • Developers. Added settings to include customer identifier to the Google Analytics script
  • Developers. Used analytics.js as predefined script on installation GoogleAnalytics plugin
  • Developers. Add inline scripts in the correct order
  • Developers. Added URL encoding on redirection to URL with non-ASCII chars
  • Developers. Added "Host" directive to robots.txt
  • Developers. Moved widget zones to separate classes
  • Developers. Added use gregorian date in sitemaps
  • Developers. Sort all fields and injected dependencies by name
  • Developers. Simplified javascript code for grid checkboxes in admin area
  • Developers. Used proper protocol to generate canonical URLs
  • Developers. Added paging css class names as fields
  • Developers. Use secure links to Google Maps
  • Developer. Search engine optimization. ID-less product tag URL pages
  • Developer. Added In-Memory Scheduled Task Lock
  • Developer. Added version identifiers to js and css files to keep them from caching when updated
  • Developer. Using Moq library instead RhinoMocks in tests


  • Google Analytics. Send "cancel/refund" notifications only if an order was paid
  • Google Analytics. UTM (campaign) details were ignored when passing ecommerce details to GA
  • Localization errors fixed
  • Fixed meta keywords for grouped products
  • Fixed bug with overridden rates for international shipping in the UPS plugin
  • Fixed problem with not create browscap.crawlersonly.xml file
  • Fixed problem with IPv6 in GetCurrentIPAddress method
  • Prevent adding the same picture to the product
  • Fixed bug with ignoring the selected services on saturday delivery in UPS shipping plugin
  • Fixed problem when do not display product availability until all required product attributes are selected
  • Fixed bug with empty tokens in message templates
  • Fixed address restriction and "Shipping to the same address" issue
  • Fixed the date problem on the customer reviews page
  • Fixed determination of the store location in WebHelper
  • Fixed problem with properly encoding URL
  • Fixed problem with assembly blocking on application startup
  • Fixed displaying reports for dates with daylight saving time
  • Fixed datepicker wrapper bug
  • Fixed "back to plugins" link for misc plugins
  • Fixed problem with robots.txt always included into sitemap.xml ("sitemap enabled" setting wasn't used)
  • Fixed exception on installation page
  • Fixed bug on search by store id on "Topics (pages)" page
  • Fixed problem with generate wrong combinations
  • Export/import. Fixed problem with the same key for different stores
  • Fixed saving problem in FixedByWeightByTotal plugin after editing an rates
  • Fixed issue with upload plugin or theme on Azure Web App
  • Fixed incorrect multiple selection of statuses on the order list page
  • Fixed all problems on test projects
  • Bug-fix for unexpected auto-closing of grids page size DropDownList in Chrome
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