AliPay payment plugin 支付宝 支付插件

AliPay payment plugin 支付宝 支付插件
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Supported versions: 4.30
Created: July 20,2020
Last updated: July 22,2020

Alipay is a very popular payment method in China. Through this plug-in you can use Alipay as your payment method.


Use the instructions

  • Create an app-pay-access-web app and remember AppId. reference documents
  • Using the signature tool, selected PKCS1 , generated the merchant signature , divided into the private key of the merchant application , the merchant applied the public key and saved .
  • Go to the Alipay background will be generated on the merchant application public key configuration to the interface plus- and copy Alipay public key
  • Configure plug-in parameters: AppId, Merchant UID (custom identity), RSA private key (merchant application public key), Alipay public key (Alipay public key), additional cost
  • Go to your mall backstage 'http://your_store_host/Admin/Payment/Methods' and enable the Alipay plug-in


  • 创建应用-支付接入-网页应用,记住AppId.参考文档
  • 使用签名工具,选择PKCS1,生成商户签名,分为商户应用私钥,商户应用公钥,保存好。
  • 前往支付宝后台将生成的上商户应用公钥配置到接口加签方式,同时复制支付宝公钥
  • 配置插件参数:AppId, 商户UID(自定义标识), RSA私钥(商户应用公钥), 支付宝公钥(支付宝公钥), 额外费用
  • 前往您商城后台'http://your_store_host/Admin/Payment/Methods',启用Alipay插件