How good quality product images can increase the revenue of your e-Commerce store

product image quality

In e-Commerce world, store owners use product images to influence the customers. Since the customers cannot touch, smell or see the actual product on a store site, images is the only way by which online shoppers are able to interact with the products. Due to this limitation, online store owners must use an e-Commerce software solution (like nopCommerce) that provides different tools to make the images stand out. Ultimately, if the images make your products look more attractive, online shoppers will be more confident in purchasing from you.

Many online businesses understand the fact that first impression count when selling online. This is the reason why many online merchants showcase their products from every possible angle and zoom to provide a real world experience on their store site.

Today we will discuss how good quality product images can increase the revenue of your e-Commerce store:

Quality, size and color

On technical level, your product images should be clear and crisp. The size and quality of your product images are directly related to how your customer sees your products. Let’s take an example of a restaurant, if you are a restaurant owner and selling your food online, it is very important to maintain a good quality and colors of the images. If your images are crisp and colorful, it will help your customers to see the freshness of your food and make it look even more appetizing. But on the other hand, if your images are dull or blurry, it can easily make your food look stale or non-appetizing. A solution to avoid this could be using tools like Picsart's image background remover. This tool allows you to create crisp, attractive images by removing distracting backgrounds, allowing the product's details to stand out prominently.

Maintain technicality

Making use of technology in order to make your product images stand out is a great way to attract more customers to buy your products. Adding features like zoom, magnification and rotation can certainly influence your customer’s buying decision. Zooming / lightbox allow your customers to see the product details. Let’s take an example, if you sell clothes, allowing your customers to view magnified images of clothes can easily help them see the details of the fabric and understand how the piece of cloth may feel.

There are many techniques that different online store uses to showcase their product images such as:

  • Lightbox
  • Zoom / magnify
  • Full screen images
  • Photo galleries

Speed and perspective

While using quality images on your store site, it is important to make sure that it does not affect the performance / speed of your website. The load time of a website is one of most important factor that affects its usability. If your website takes a long time to load, most of the online shoppers will simply skip your website as nobody likes to wait. A lot of things goes into consideration in regard to quality images and still maintain the speed such as image format, optimize images, use of CSS and dimensions of the images.

Another important factor in selling products online is to make the use of images that provide all possible viewpoints. Let’s say you sell textbooks, simply adding a cover page image is not enough to convince your customer to place an order. Adding images of cover page, index, first few pages and back of the textbook is the way to go as it gives a good perspective of the product to your customers. Offering your customers multiple perspective of your product on the store site mimics reality.

nopCommerce comes with a free default theme that offers a consistent layout across all pages of the website and make your online store look professional. It allows store owners to add multiple product images (with lightbox feature) that can influence the customers to place an order. The design is very clean and easy to customize. nopCommerce default layout/theme also support a responsive design that is optimized for all screen sizes.

Author: Lavish Kumar

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