Active Directory Authentication

8 years ago
We are looking to implement as an intranet solution and would like to have Windows Domain members be automatically authenticated as valid registered users.

Does anyone have any examples/solutions for this?

I saw posts from a while back relating to the External Authentication model, but have not seen any AD solutions.
8 years ago
I'm having the same issue. Any news???
5 years ago
Hi, same here, I would need to automatically authenticate my Intratet users (using MS Active Directory). is it possible?

thanks a lot,

4 years ago
I have the same problem? what can we do with AD authentication?
4 years ago
Any word on Active Directory authentication?
4 years ago
We built a custom plugin for a client last year to enable Azure AD authentication. It basically required us to completely replace the forms authentication service.

It was a real challenge getting it all to work correctly (they actually didn't want to allow access to the site at all without being authenticated through AD).
5 months ago
I have successfully setup single sign on for nopCommerce with Azure AD or Azure AD B2C. If you are interested on this topic send me a message.