product variant attributes in the order

11 years ago
is it possible to find out what product variant attributes and their values were selected for a specific order?
i do see the attribute value descriptions in the description text field, but what about specific attribute ids and corresponding selected values?
for a complex product (such as software feature selections, or computer assembly elements/components, for instance), to properly fulfill an order it is absolutely  crucial to know what customer has actually chosen, not just textual description and total price adjustments, don't you agree?
i find your product being excellent in design and very well structured in implementation. absence of this kind of obviously critical information is surprising, or maybe i've missed it?
if you're working on it - when do you expect the update to be available?
thank you in advance,
11 years ago
Agree. All selected attribute values (IDs) should be stored in the database after an order is placed. We're already workng on it. And I hope it'll be available in the next release.
11 years ago
thank you.
actually, i think that product variants and attributes which were purchased in an order should be de-coupled from their current values and stored separately - just like you store order totals today.
imagine scenario when recurring payment is going on for an order for an extended period of time, say 1 year. during this time prices for everything may change a number of times, but the service agreement of the order is still in effect. so, the order-specific values should remain the same, and not linked directly to the current values. just a thought...