one page checkout WITH registration

7 years ago
i like the current idea of one page checkout (the one that nop. support right now),
but if a GUEST customer want to buy,
then this is the current process -
add the product to shopping cart
see the shopping cart page,
click "checkout"
now the registration page appears (meaning that we exit the flow of the checkout, and the user doesn't see yet how many steps will be the process)
and now we return to the one page checkout and see all the steps

i think that the registration should be implemented INSIDE the one page checkout.

6 years ago
Any suggestion about this?
I really need this feature...

6 years ago
When the customer click Checkout
There is 3 option for choice: Login, Register or Guest Checkout (if you allowed anonymouse checkout)
And the checkout window will appear just after customer make a choice.

I think you describe the situation when user clicked button "Guest checkout". But then he will see how many steps in the checkout.

All you described could be useful, customer mid change his mind about registration during checkout. At the point of marketing i think that's good to provide feature for this case, otherwise you potentially can loose registered customer.

I think it's possible to add the tickbox "Register me after checkout" with showing input for password.
As I remember Amazon provide that feature as well.
3 years ago
This does seem to be a point of confusion with some of our customers as well.  When they hit checkout and then they see the registration page, they get confused and if they go through the registration process it pops them back out to the home page confusing them more instead of taking them through the rest of the checkout process.  And if you have admin registration or email verification, their heads are spinning.