Changing page titles for Topics and Information

11 years ago
How does one do SEO for the the pages of TOPICS and pages under Information?
At the least, how do you change the page titles?
11 years ago
to change page title:

content management-->topics-->

select topic       'edit topic content'

then you can edit  'Title'
11 years ago
Thanks, I guess the links don't automatically update, that is why I was not seeing the changes.
What about Meta key words, etc. for SEO
11 years ago
hi, how long did it take for your links/topics to update once entered? I have entered the content in topics but the pages are not updating and I have cleared the cache etc
11 years ago
It updates immediately but you have to close the site and open in a new window. Clear the Temp files too before that.
11 years ago
hi there, thanks very much for replying, have tried that but still no luck, am wondering if for some reason these templates are not linking to the right pages for some reason. Will keep looking.
11 years ago
I hope you are hitting "save" after each change on each page.
This updates and the result is litteraly instant.

Also make sure you Browser is set to "eveytime I visit a webpage" and learn to use the F5 button to refresh.