NOP Payment plugins 3D Secure Support - UK Providers

7 years ago
Hi All,

I know I asked this question a couple of years ago (the last time I built a payment provider for nop).

Has anyone managed to make a direct connection payment provider for Nop commerce which supports 3D Secure? Is there support for it within the NopCommerce Payment provider pattern yet?

7 years ago
nop or any other cart is really irrelevant considering the way 3dSecure works .

once you redirect the user to the payment page which is on the payment service provider side who knows your returnUrl page, if the payment provider uses 3Dsecure and the Issuer bank does too, the payment provider will redirect the user to the issuer ACS server for code verification .  once the verification is done, user is redirected back to your returnUrl anyway.

so it's really irrelevant and you usually do not have to do anything outside the classic implementation of a hosted payment plugin for nop.

Hope this helps.
7 years ago
Thanks for the reply - I am talking about directly connected plugins / providers not hosted providers. Yes with the current provider pattern on NOP 3D secure makes not difference becuase it all happens off site, but when it comes to directly connected payment plugin the logic is not quite right.. Found the old post for reference: