NIVO slider multiple languages

7 years ago

I've installed the new fix of NIVO slider for NOPC 2.8 working with 6 images and now the click works very well on Internet Explorer, Thanks.

My question now is how can I handle multilanguage behaviour for NIVO slider.

I would like to have an Image with the text: "Happy Mother's day" and another with: "Feliz dia de la Madre" but I don't know if this is possible.

Any suggestion ?

Regards from Canada.
7 years ago
I have the same question as well. I do not see how I can do this

From Canada as well...

PS: Love this product, amazing piece of work you guys have accomplished here. Keep it up.
5 years ago
Please somebody help us :)
1 week ago
Can anybody add the feature in nivo slider multi language so we can configure the slides according to the language. This kind of feature is not avilable in the nopcommerce market yet. Can anybody add this functionality on nivo slider please.
1 week ago
You can use nopTemplate's anywhere slider and set slider image to limited with language.