PayPal Hosted Payment gateway plugin for nopCommerce 3.0

6 years ago
PayPal hosted gateway plugin can be downloaded here:

Feedback welcome, please submit bugs on Codeplex.
6 years ago
Hi Will,

Thank a lot! Looking forward for the plugin for version 3.10
6 years ago
This plugin not work at all!

You have abandoned to develope it?
6 years ago
There was a bug, but we fixed and plugin works well. We compiled to the version 3.20

6 years ago
The version on codeplex is the same...
6 years ago
I don't changed in the codeplex, I'm not author this plugin.
We have own version based from codeplex.
Send me email address I will send you plugin.
6 years ago
Hi Guys

I have an updated 3.20 version of PayPal Hosted if you require it.
6 years ago

[email protected]

6 years ago
Hi Aladino

Did you receive the plugin OK and is it working all right?
6 years ago
Yes, I received the plugin!

I will test it!

Thanks :)