Simple Checkout V2

6 years ago
One page Simple checkout V2 is a great plugin helping you simplify NopCommerce checkout process and increase sales rate.

Checkout process is simpler and faster with only one click. Logged in customers already having saved address can finish order easily without entering any billing or shipping address.
Logged-in customers can use their saved address for billing and shipping. They can also add new address which will be available for future checkout. Imagine how it helps us save time.

        Multi-store. Admin can enable/disable plugin for each store
        Templates. Admin can create own template for each store
        Option to allow customers writing comments for their orders
        Easy to customize the checkout design
        Shipping & payment methods section will be updated automatically by Ajax. Order total will be changed.
        In this version billing and shipping address are the same.
        Provide customers with speeded-up checkout process.
        Allow to write comments or instructions for their order
        Check & agree with "Terms and Conditions" before making a purchase (for v.3.2 and later)
        Supports login or sign-up at checkout page (we recommend to use our Ajax plugin NopPopupLogin)
        You can purchase items as a guest or registered member
        Easy installation
        Easy translation

Unregistered version is fully operational. There is only one limitation – only 100 payments.

Compatible with NopCommerce 3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4.


How to Install and Configure plugin.
You can see how this plugin works at Youtube

Link to our site
6 years ago
Wow, looks really nice!  Good job.
6 years ago
Looks nice!

I see that your Shipping Method dropdown comes before the address fields.  What happens if shipping methods are conditional dependent on the address entered?  (will the drop down values change?  even still, it could be a bit confusing/misleading for customer)
6 years ago
You are right.
We plan to create 3 different templates.
6 years ago
Added support for all shipping methods and for all payment methods (etc. AuthorizeNet).
6 years ago
I am facing some problem with this plugin. I am not able to set address if there is a guest checkout .It gives me an error "Shipping address is not set".

How can i solve it ,Thanks
6 years ago
Can you email me a photo (print screen)?
6 years ago
Added templates for order list.
6 years ago
Added support version 3.30.
6 years ago
Added support version 3.40.