ENHANCEMENT: USPS is retiring RateV3

7 years ago
Looks like an enhancement to the USPS Shipping plugin may be required?

"USPS Web Tools will be retiring our RateV3 API later this year (target date: September 28, 2014). We encourage you to upgrade to RateV4 to avoid any disruption in service. For detailed instructions on upgrading to RateV4, please see the RateV4 Transition Guide on the Web Tools site under Web Tools Announcements."
7 years ago
Thanks for info. But nopCommerce does not use RateV3. It uses RateV4Request and IntlRateV2
7 years ago
Thanks Andrei. I'm glad that nopCommerce is ahead of the curve :)
7 years ago
Piggybacking on this topic; would anyone know what version of nopCommerce did Ratev4 become implemented in?

I'm running 1.50 on an inherited project and I'd like to figure this out before September.
7 years ago
I am using an older version, as I installed using the GoDaddy hosting panel. It definitely is V3.

Andrei, do you have any guidance on what files to update so that I can manually trigger a V4 request?

http://production.shippingapis.com/ ShippingApi.dll?API=RateV3&XML=
<RateV3Request USERID="XXXX">

http://production.shippingapis.com/ ShippingApi.dll?API=RateV4&XML=
<RateV4Request USERID="XXXX">
7 years ago
WebBot Tech wrote:

Just download the latest version and see how it's implemented there
7 years ago
ok. how about finding it in ANY version? That's the nature of the question "where do I find it". I appreciate your help, but your reply doesn't get me any closer to a solution.

p.s. I had a difficult enough time with GoDaddy versioning from 1.5 to 1.9. anything newer is likely to blow a fuse.
7 years ago
wsdl file in
\Plugins\Nop.Plugin.Shipping.Fedex\Web References\RateServiceWebReference

You can try ...
"Update the web reference" in the project, and point to new wsdl file.
7 years ago
thanks. problem is, I don't see a plugins folder in v1.9 at all. That's why I'm lost. I'm scouring all kinds of ascx files with the word 'shipping' also looked into the DB tables, with no luck. If someone knows where the request string is stored in v1.9 that would be an awesome help.