Menu Issue

6 years ago
Hi All,

Am having static top menu(nop 3.3),my website is working fine on my Desktop and Mobile.
Here is the link
when am using mobile it's showing mobile theme and looks great but when I click on View Full Version on my Mobile
Static(top) menu is not displaying.

Could you please guide me where it is going wrong.

6 years ago

by default such mobile menu is not displayed when you don't have categories. this functionality was added in the upcoming version 3.40
6 years ago
Any workaround is available? Also category tree is not visible when switching from mobile site to view full site.

Thanks in advance.
6 years ago
Just see how it's done in the upcoming version 3.40 here and do the same in your version (\Views\Catalog\TopMenu.cshtml file)
4 years ago

Upgraded to 3.5 from 3.1 and now the Categories do not show in the Menu on the Mobile view.

I removed the Categories from the Top Menu using admin ( Include on top menu - NO) because I have lots of categories and it looks BAD on the regular site if I leave them on the Top Menu.

How do I show the categories on the mobile view if they are not listed on the Top Menu.

The Mobile Theme in 3.1 was nice, if you have the answer this will be nice, now it is a mess.
4 years ago
Hi Eric

It is possible to do, you just need a little bit of JavaScript that says when width is less < 768px then display this.

or you could do it with a CSS Media Query so set the menu to display:none for normal widths, and display:block for
for smaller devices.

Kind Regards
Ron Palmer
4 years ago
OK - Sounds like you are the guy for the job. J-Script - forgetaboutit - I am not that good.

Can this be done from ADMIN area ?

Can you guide me a bit on editing the files, I can do that.

Or will you write a file per code and send me a bill.