Why does not VAT shows in my cart?

10 years ago
- Why does not VAT shows in my cart?
(only VAT:  0,00 kr)

I use the "Tax By Country & States" provider where I has entered different items for my country, Sweden.
For example a tax category named "Normal Tax" with 25%.

I have then paired some products with this "Normal Tax" but no VAT appears anyway.

- What am I doing wrong?

10 years ago
did you check the 'Hide tax in order summary" box is unchecked (configuration -> tax -> tax settings)?
alternatively, it might be the "prices include/exclude tax" setting
10 years ago
I've tried all variations (configuration -> tax -> tax settings) but none do so that VAT will be shown.
Either it disappears completely or just, VAT:  0,00 kr

But one thing is really strange, cause when I check "Allow customers to select tax display type:" and then change between exclude/include VAT the prices is still the same?
Mabye the problem is there...

Or should I use the "ShoppingCart.CalculatedDuringCheckout" that display "Calculated during checkout" (/Mudules/OrderTotals.ascx). But I don´t understand how to activate that one...
10 years ago
Finally, I found the problem...

I had created a new admin-customer and to test "everything" in nopCommerce I had also checked "Is tax exempt" and that´s why VAT not showed.
8 months ago
I still can't get vat to show prices when adding to cart